Catching up and looking back at Woomelang

As I was saying the other day, it has been a strange week, in a good way, but I have felt a bit all over the place. Some good things have happened, which is nice. I haven’t been out as much taking photos, but think the following week will make up for that.

cover-issue-6Dynamic Range Magazine

We did it. Issue 6 is ready to be sent out and will be emailed to the subscribers tomorrow, and then on sale for everyone else the day after.

This Issue has been hard to do. It doesn’t help when we don’t know the future of the magazine and if it will continue. I still think it is amazing and I know those of you who have purchased it in the past feel the same way.

It is the first time my image has been on the cover. It seemed like a good issue to do that.

I really hope you are all looking forward to seeing the next edition.

Benro Australia Ambassador

I finally got my wish and have been made an ambassador for a company. I was informed the other day that Benro Australia would like to make me one. I am so happy, I was dancing around the house. I do love the Benro Tripod I have and am really happy that it will now be part of my kit.


My Book

I am getting ready for the launch of the book. We are having it on the 24th of November. Seems not a good night for the council, so not sure how many people will actually be there.

If you are interested in purchasing the book the details are here.


I’m off to Woomelang again next week. Not sure if I will get a lot of photos taken, apparently the mozzies, or mosquitoes are in plague proportions. They have had so much rain up there so it is hardly surprising. I’m not sure if I will be brave enough to spend too much time outside. However, it will be nice to see my mum. I always enjoy catching up with her.  Will have to see what is in her garden. Note to self, pack the Lensbaby lenses.

I thought it might be nice to reflect on another past visit I did there. This one was almost two years ago. It is amazing how much can change. Some of these buildings are no longer there, so I can’t photograph them anymore. Still plenty more there and in other towns close by.

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  1. It has been a pretty strange week around here, too and I don’t feel entirely plugged in. I have been involved in the creation of at least three magazines. One lasted a year, the other just a few issues. The problem was always the same: you can’t run a publication on subscriptions alone. You need advertising. That’s what pays the freight. You seem to have very good connections with lens, camera, and accessories companies. Have you talked to them about taking out an ad … or giving them a freebie and let them see if it generates some business? It’s a hard thing to work out because you need a subscriber base to sell advertising and you need the ads to keep the publication alive. I really DO share your pain because I’ve been there. Two out of the three publications were really good. Well written, beautifully presented … but none of them had the magic ingredients to make it work: A year’s running money, a good sales staff, and a couple of financially solvent sponsors.

    1. I can imagine Marilyn, I think everywhere really. Thanks for sharing your experiences with magazines Marilyn. It is very hard. It seems mine doesn’t have that magic ingredient either. Perhaps it is important, or just as important to know when to stop as well. It is a catch 22, you can’t get advertising if you don’t have the circulation, you hit the nail on the head I think. We tried freebies or give aways and had trouble getting people to try and get it. I just don’t think people are that interested in it, unfortunately. Thanks again Marilyn, really appreciate your comment.

  2. An ambassador is more like a spokesperson or a featured photographer? It sounds very positive, either way. Congratulations Leanne. 🙂

    1. Yes, something like that, I think I am meant to continue talking about the products as well. I think so too, thank you Robert, it is nice to know they believe in me as well.

  3. Hearty congratulations on being made an ambassador for Benro, Leanne. I know you worked hard for that one so it must be especially sweet! Looking forward to Issue 6 of Dynamic Range and I hope there will be many more. I think it is wonderful, even if I am a bit biased, being part of the editorial team, but the articles and the photography are so inspiring. I really don’t know what more can be done to boost sales. And finally, enjoy your trip up country with your Mum.

    1. Thank you Chris, it has been. It looks good and a great variety in this one. I hope so too, but time will tell. I think it is fantastic publication, and like you no idea how to pursue it further. Thanks, I’m looking forward to it.

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