Christmases Past – An old favourite

I guess the point of this post is to see if an image that I absolutely loved back in 2012 is still one that I could love.

I don’t know what I did that was different, but it is an effect that I have tried to repeat and haven’t managed to do that yet. Then again, I don’t know that I try very much anymore.

Looking at it now I wonder if it isn’t too much. Is the image too saturated? It is an interesting challenge to go back to an older image. It is one of the first images I took of the window of the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in the Block Arcade. I have shown the window many times from many visits.

I just looked them up and apparently, they are no longer in the Block Arcade. On their website, they said it was a sad end to their 128 year old lease, so I guess it wasn’t really what they wanted. They will be opening up somewhere else, but it also means that there will be no more photos of this window. I might have to do a post with lots of my photos from it in the new year.

I did this when I was doing HDR images ALL the time. Every image was one. Though it isn’t the only reason for this image. There are aspects of this that I did love, so maybe I should try them again.

Christmas is very festive and there usually is lots of colour so I have to also wonder if the colour in this image is appropriate. I still like it and am so glad I drag it out of storage for another look.

Do you ever go back and look at your images?

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  1. Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! It is the season of joy and good will. We try to accept others – and that goes for our past selves, too. Yes, I look back, sometimes wondering “how could I” and at times “not bad, not bad at all”. I even take an occasional old RAW image and reprocess it along my current ways. I try not to judge – others do enough of that – as to which is “better”. We present our views, our images, ourselves. Then and now. Best wishes!

    1. I like your philosophy Ludwig, I am much better at accepting myself these days. I like looking back to see how much I have grown as a photographer too. I think I would be disappointed if I looked back and it was the same. I try not to judge as well, something harder than I think. Thank you so much Ludwig and Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

  2. Lovely photo! I think the colors and editing suit the subject very well. The word that comes to mind is sumptuous. To answer your question: I consider myself a beginner. Thus, when I revisit an older image I may attempt a new edit since my skills are still improving and my taste is evolving. Generally, though, I tend to let bygones be bygones. If I still like something a year or two later, that’s a bonus–it doesn’t have to fit into my current approach.

    1. Thank you. I know what you mean, it can be like that. I do often look back, but usually it is because I am looking for a particular photo. I don’t think you can be too concerned, I usually look at old stuff and think thank goodness I have got better, I hope. lol. What a fun world for you, I remember when I started so much to learn, still a lot to learn now. I love that always learning.

  3. Yes, I do go back. Sometimes I am surprised when I find one that I loved when I first started in photography that I still like. Often I find myself thinking, “Now why did I ever think that image was good?” 😂

    1. I know what you mean, I have so many of them, even some from not that long ago. I just cringe when I look at them. It is sad. I guess our tastes change and also our experience. Thank you for sharing that.

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