Driving on Gorge Road around Beechworth

It seems there are always lots of places to go when you visit a new place, except where you live. For some reason not much where I live. It can seem quite boring.



I know with the last post I did I was a bit disillusioned with the country town, but in hindsight, I realise it was just the food aspect I didn’t like. There actually are a lot of things to see in Beechworth and to do.

Beechworth is famous for two things really, gold mining and Ned Kelly.

The first meant there was a lot of money and the architecture there is quite gorgeous. A lot of buildings have been built with an orange kind of granite, I think it was. It gives them a unique look.

Ned Kelly, well I don’t want to talk about him too much, I did also go to the Beechworth Gaol and I will talk about him more in another post.

Today I want to show you what I got from the Gorge Road Circuit.

Gorge Road Circuit

This is a drive-around part of the town. It is a fun one as it is a narrow road and one-way. On top of that, there are not really any places to stop. It is all about looking, well it was for me because I was driving.

We did find a couple of places to stop and the first stop for us was the Powder Magazine. There is a photo of the sign that can let you know what it was.

Nice link back to history and in the middle of the bush. Strange to see something like that where it is and we were the only ones there. It was weird.

Over the road from it was an old cabin.

It looked really old and probably was, but on the inside, it looks like it had been done up. Well renovated about 50 years ago. I suspect it was the home for whoever looked after the Powder Magazine, like the caretaker’s cabin. It was certainly more interesting outside than inside. Have to love finding something like this.

The Gorge

The road follows Spring Creek. Though, you don’t really see it much as it is in a gorge. However, there was a bridge and just over it were a couple of places to park the car.

Like the road, the bridge was also very narrow. We had to watch out for traffic and using a tripod just wasn’t an option. We had to keep moving off the bridge every time another car came.

I love getting that marshmallow look to the water, so I changed the settings to give me at least one-second exposure and held the camera on the side of the bridge. It wasn’t perfect, but I am happy with the results.

When you get to the end there is a waterfall.

Newtown Falls

It is a lovely way to finish a drive. A few places to stop and admire the waterfalls.

Not the biggest waterfall, or one with lots of water, but still not bad. The geology is quite interesting. Love seeing how the water has made its way through the rocks.

We were told that because it had been raining there was quite a bit of water, so you have to wonder what it looks like after a dry spell.

Here is a closer look at that erosion.

Not to mention the lovely old bridge which has been built with that granite I was talking about.

It was a lovely drive and my only regret is that my friend said we should do it again so I could film it or take photos. We didn’t. That was my decision and one I have regretted.

Getting back

I know I have been missing from everywhere. I think part of it has been because it has been so cold and I’ve been hibernating. I’m still knitting, but more for me now, but more on that later.

Who knows what will happen after this, but I do want to get back to blogging with you all. I just need to retrain myself.

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    1. We saw lots of water, lol. Well it was raining quite a bit, so yeah. I don’t know if the fires effected it, if they did it has grown back a lot. It is very pretty, I really liked it, just wish I wasn’t the one driving, oh well next time. Thank you Carol.

  1. Really beautiful photos of the gorge, Leanne. Beechworth is a lovely region. We used to spend a bit of time around there in our paragliding days and always enjoy stopping there.

    1. Thank you Chris. I think if we weren’t so distracted about finding places to eat then maybe we would have enjoyed it more, lol. It is a great spot and we only saw a fraction. If I were go back I would do things a little differently. Have you been up there recently?

  2. Amazing photo, Leanne! The creek must have taken many thousands of years to cut through the rocks like it has. The cabin is very interesting, it needs renovations and to be preserved. The powder magazine is something I would stay away from! How cold in the Fahrenheit scale is it there?

    1. Thank you John. I think you are right, can’t imagine how long it would have taken to cut through those rocks. Water is pretty amazing. Not sure what they are doing with the cabin. The inside didn’t look too good. I don’t think the powder magazine is dangerous anymore, I would imagine it is just an empty building now, not that you can get inside it. What do you mean about the cold in the Fahrenheit scale? In F it has been between 50 and 60 each day. That is cold for us here. Especially because our houses have almost no insulation.

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