Ending up at the Quarantine Station

Ending up at the Quarantine Station

So yesterday I was out all day taking photos and somehow we found ourselves ending up the quarantine station at Nepean Point near Portsea.

The station is a remnant from the days that people used to travel to Australia on ships. If a disease broke out on the ship while they were coming here then they would all end up here, at the Quarantine Station.

It is a fascinating place and one that I have visited before on a couple of occasions. Though not much ever changes there. It really is just a shell of what was there. While there are a couple of things that are set up, most are just remnants of what was. It is a shame really.

Though there is a ghostliness to the place as well. Some of the rooms where things were sorted bring other histories to mind. It must have been a terrifying place really. Imagine arriving at a new country, sick and then being locked away. Well sort of.

The place has had an interesting history and I found a website that has some more of that history if it is something that interests you, Quarantine Station, from the Nepean Historical Society.


I had planned on doing a lot more photos, but seriously, I have to confess I got stuck watching videos on YouTube. OMG that site is so addictive, you just keep thinking one more. Yep one more and 3 hours later. Damn.

Anyway here are a few. It is a fascinating place.

So enjoy your weekend and we will talk soon.

Ending up at the Quarantine Station

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