Floral Friday – Macro images in pieces

Floral Friday - Macro images in pieces

Today for Floral Friday I thought I would show you some of my macro images and how many pieces they would be in a jigsaw puzzle.

Floral Friday – Macro images in pieces

A few weeks ago I talked to you about what image you thought would be good puzzles. While I’m still working on those, I thought today I would show you some that are available now.

I’ve been working with Jigsaw Gallery, a company that is promoting Australian made and Australian photographers. I am very lucky to be one of the photographers that they represent. Though, I am one of many very talented people.

My puzzles

As I’ve said previously, jigsaws are a great way to own a piece of my work. Not everyone can afford my images and so this is a good way to do that. Also, it is a good way to support me. I get a percentage of every puzzle that is sold and it is a good percentage.

You can see a wide range of images from me there. I’ve been trying to add a lot of different ones. However, I know that my macro images are just as popular as my other images, so it seemed like a good idea to add some. A lot more will be added in the future as well.

A Question

How would you prefer to get your puzzles, in a box, or a tube?

Let me know in the comments please.


Here are some of the macro ones and you see what they will look like as puzzles. They have the pieces overlayed on them.

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  1. Do you know how much postage would be to the US for a 500 piece puzzle and 1,000 piece puzzle in a tube? Just thinking of Christmas presents :-).

  2. I’d prefer to get a puzzle in a box, especially if it has a picture of the image on it.

    1. But what if the difference is the cost of postage, and to get it in a box will cost you $20 more than getting it in a tube?

  3. I believe shipping in a tube is cheaper, and I’m all for keeping cost down. Whatever works best for you will work for me. I zoomed up and looked at the pieces, that’s one tuff puzzle. Love it.

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