Floral Friday – Mum’s garden again

Floral Friday - Mum's garden again

It was good to see you enjoying Floral Friday last week with my mum’s garden, so I thought I would show it again. This time it was just after the rain.

Floral Friday – Mum’s garden again

Every time I go up there there are new things to photograph. It is one of the things that is also good about Australian natives, they flower from winter on. They can be hard to take photos off, but they are also very interesting.

I went up there with a friend, but because of the rain we really couldn’t get out much. We both had macro lenses so we spent time in the garden when the rain was light.

With a few toys to play with, and if you look at the file names you will see what the lens was taken with. We had extension tubes, and various Lensbaby lenses as well. I had a lot fun playing with lots of things.

Quick post today, I hope you enjoy the photos.

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