Floral Friday – The garden with the Struman macro lens

Floral Friday - The garden with the Struman macro lens

For Floral Friday I thought I would head out to the garden with the Struman Optics macro lens on my phone. As spring gets closer there is more to see.

Floral Friday - The garden with the Struman macro lens

Floral Friday – The garden with the Struman macro lens

There was a frost this morning and so it was cold. We haven’t had a lot of them this year. Actually, we don’t seem to get a lot anymore. I always think I will get out and take photos of it, but then don’t. The cold keeps me inside.

Once I was warm enough I did head out. I thought it would be fun to stick the macro lens from Struman Optics on my phone.

There was still a lot of dew on the flowers and I did try to capture some of that. A lot of things are starting to flower now. You would think that it was too early, but apparently not. I enjoy all the wetness you find on them when you go out.

Struman macro lens

This isn’t the first time I have shown you images taken with the Struman Optics phone lenses. I use their lenses all the time. Initially, when I first got them I had a phone cover that the lenses would fit into. Since I got the Google Pixel I have had to use the clips for the lenses. I can’t lie, but I love the clips. I can carry around a few lenses in my bag and swap them quickly.

If I look at how I use them, I would say that I use the macro lens far more than any other. The one used for this post is part of a pack of three lenses. You can see them here, Struman Lenses.

I am an ambassador for them, but I don’t get any kickbacks when people buy them.

So I hope you enjoy some of the photos that I got from garden.

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  1. Absolutely stunning shots! The intricate details captured through the Struman macro lens truly bring out the mesmerizing beauty of each petal and leaf. It’s incredible how such a small shift in perspective can unveil an entirely new world within the garden. These images ignite a sense of wonder and appreciation for the delicate elegance found in nature’s creations. Looking forward to more captivating Floral Fridays with the magical touch of the Struman lens!

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  3. What a delightful read! The captivating descriptions and vivid imagery in “Floral Friday: The Garden with the Struman Macro Lens” transported me to a world of blooming beauty. The Struman Macro Lens seems like a magical tool, revealing intricate details of nature’s wonders. Your article inspired me to explore the world of macro photography and appreciate the small, exquisite moments in our gardens. Looking forward to more Floral Fridays! πŸŒΈπŸ“·

    1. Thank you, I love photographing flowers and exploring the different ways to do it. The Struman lens for phone makes it more affordable for people I think and they are good lenses for your phone.

  4. What a lovely article! The Struman macro lens really brings out the intricate details and beauty of flowers in the garden. I’m inspired to try out some macro photography myself this weekend. Thanks for sharing this floral inspiration on a Friday! πŸŒΈπŸ“·

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