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sea farers bridge, over the Yarra River, Melbourne

sea farers bridge, over the Yarra River, MelbourneIn my classes one of the things I always point out to people is being very careful about taking photos, and something that comes out quite a bit is how people are not aware or don’t even think about insurance and whether or not they are protected.

Once upon a time in Melbourne you weren’t allowed to use tripods unless you had insurance, or were on a trip with a camera club so you could be covered by their insurance.  I don’t think the rule applies anymore, but it is a good point.

I have heard stories of photographers causing accidents and then getting sued.  I’ve also heard of people making sure they trip over photographers gear so they can sue.  It is such a scary world out there and people are after you everywhere, alright, so that is a bit over the top, but it is something you need to think about.

So many of us have insurance to cover our gear being nicked or damaged, but we don’t insure ourselves for the damage that we might do to others.

For teaching I have to have public liability insurance, and for many places where I take photos, it is a must. It also means that when students are out with me they are also covered under my insurance.

With the Social Snappers, these are classes, so my students are covered, and I also do my best to make sure people are careful.  It is good because in group situations people are less likely to try things.  When you travel in a group people tend to stay away and not bother you.

There are still places available for people who are interested in joining me for the Social Snappers Photography Excursions.

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