Hassles with travelling

Hassles with travelling

While there are lots of positives about travelling, there are also lots of hassles. It doesn’t matter how well you plan there are things that don’t understand your plan.

Hassles with travelling

Hassles with travelling

What’s that saying, what can go wrong will go wrong? Or something like that, I never understand my sayings. I’m hopeless.

Some of us focus on the crap things more than the good stuff. Maybe I am like that too. Though that is a lesson I’ve learned in life and I’m trying to get better about things.

Anyway, I thought this post could look at some of that crap, or the things that I find frustrating when travelling.

Hassles with travelling

Sitting on planes

This is almost enough to make me never want to travel again. OMG, I hate sitting on planes. I hate having to sit still for that long. I mean even the trip to New Zealand was enough, and it was only three and a bit hours.

I used to joke that if I had to travel I would want drugs, anything that would knock me out for the trip. Though really it isn’t a joke. I did take some melatonin when I came back from the USA and it helped quite a bit.

Hassles with travelling

Driving and putting up with other drivers

When we were driving around New Zealand it was good to see a lot of signs telling people if they had other cars behind them to pull over and let them pass. I wish they had those in Australia.

However, it doesn’t matter how many signs there are, basically, people don’t care and just ignore them. I kid you not. They can have 10 cars behind them and they just continue driving on their merry way.

If I’m honest, I don’t understand it. When I have cars behind me I feel so uncomfortable. I can’t enjoy the drive because I just feel so stressed. Holding people up is not good. It could also be dangerous, when people feel harrassed they are likely to do stupid things to get past you. Take unnecessary risks. I prefer to just pull over and let them go. They can go on ahead and cause accidents away from me.

Though, I have to say, I don’t understand what it is with people who drive motor homes or tow caravans. I didn’t know the speed limit was so slow. Apparently if you have one of those you must drive at least 20km’s under the speed limit. Then not care that they are holding people up. OMG, please, just pull over.

Hassles with travelling

Being a vegetarian

This has been mentioned before, I’m sure it has, that yes I am a vegetarian. Though, I am a painful one, because I don’t really like cheese. Apparently, if you are a vegetarian you must also like cheese and every vegetarian option must have it. Not to mention roast vegetables.

If you eat meat there are many many options and choices, but if you don’t then your token choice will be some sort of roast vegetable dish with cheese. That is, of course, if there are any options at all.

Over the time since becoming a vegetarian I have got a lot better at changing menu things around. One of the first things I do is let them know I am a vegetarian and then ask how flexible the chef is. If they aren’t, there often isn’t any point to me staying.

Though, one thing that really drives me crazy is when you want to substitute something, say the burger meat for a hashbrown, and they will still charge you extra for the hashbrown. So they make more money.  Over time I have got better at working out what substitutions I want.

Still travelling can be hard because of it. Most of the time if you are in cities, it isn’t too bad. However, when you start moving around the countryside, that is when the trouble starts.


They are a few things that drive me nuts when I travel. What about you, do you have things that drive you crazy?



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  1. I like the pictures and can certainly agree with the problems of being a vegetarian while traveling. I’m in South Korea and had to give up being vegetarian as it was getting impossible to find anything to eat . . . other than salads. It was weird going back to meat. Gross in fact. Eggs still fill me with dread sometimes.

    1. That is terrible, though I have to say I was prepared to do it as well, if I had to. Almost had to eat fish somewhere, but happy that I didn’t have to. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Love your work, as always.
    I am following a diet prescribed for me that excludes wheat, corn, dairy, nightshades, and pork. I am finding it a big challenge in restaurants. On the plus side, I can find so little to eat that I lost weight.

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