Introductions – Andre Govia

It is nice to be doing one of these again. I love looking at the work of others and seeing what they do. I’m sure that many of you are going to love the work of today’s artist.

I would like to introduce you to the work of Andre Govia.

Andre Govia

I first saw his work when someone else did a post on his photos and I couldn’t stop looking at the images. Then I found myself looking further to find more images.

So who is Andre Govia? I’m going to borrow the description from his book:

Andre Govia, a pioneer of urban exploration, continues his epic adventure in search of remnants of the past. Returning for this long awaited edition, this time accompanied by other intrepid explorers who share the same passion. The pathos, magic and profound sadness of each majestic image showcasing the definitive document of cinematic abandoned photography. Having explored over 800 individual locations Andre takes us on a journey behind the facade of abandoned buildings to discover the hauntingly beautiful discoveries within. Andre Govia is a legend among urban explorers. He has taken his camera into over 22 different countries worldwide to document the Narnia of global urban decay left behind by the march of time.

I can’t help thinking that is a perfect description of his work.

The following is one of the first images I came across.

How many of us wish we could take images like this, or of abandoned buildings and places?

I have always been fascinated with abandoned things, but my biggest problem is that I’m too much of a goody goody and I don’t like trespassing. I am sure you don’t always have to do that, but it is hard to find out who owns places that you want to photograph.

While the images are of places that have been left there is also an element of cleanliness as well. Almost like order in the chaos.

In most images, you see of abandoned places there is stuff everywhere. I am sure part of that is because of all the people that have been there before who don’t care about the places that much. I like how orderly these look.

There is a romance about them, like looking back on what was. Something we all seem to do. We look back at the past with fondness or something like that.

I was going through some of the links that Andre sent me and then I got to one and found some images like this one.

For me, it takes the images to another level. They are kind of creepy, but I love them as well. They start to tell you stories.

Again these images have that quietness that I try to get in my own. It is that idea if they were hanging in a gallery you wouldn’t want to make any noise around them.

I’m going to give you a gallery with a selection of works that I liked. Remember to click on an image to get a larger image and then you can scroll through the images.

Here are a number of links where you can find more of Andre’s work. I hope you love it as much as I have.

Books on Amazon

Abandoned Planetย 

Abandoned Planet: The Search Continues: 2

Social Media

Flickr – 1

Flickr – 2




Carpet Bombing Culture



Finally, I would really like to thank Andre for giving me permission to showcase his work here for you. I hope you all like the introduction.

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    1. Same, I see them every now and then. I have been in some, but most I stay out of. I am too scared to see what might be in there.

  1. These photographs are wonderful. I also enjoy exploring abandoned and decaying places. I used to get up to all sorts of exploration of such places when I was a wee girl and once almost fell through a rotten floor. However, like you, I am far too law abiding and risk averse as an adult to poke around in places that might involve trespassing. I have a wonderful time when I do find somewhere I can safely nose around in though. I think what I love about photographs of these types of locations is all of the interesting visual texture and the sense of layers of history and unspoken narratives.

    1. I think so too Laura. I’m always afraid I would get caught. I’m the same, you description sounds just like me. I completely agree on what you said about why you like them. Great Laura.

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