Lens-Artists Challenge #288 – Window Shopping

What an interesting challenge this is. Thank you Ritva for hosting this week.

My first thought was what was window shopping and when I googled it the dictionary said

The activity of looking at goods displayed in shop windows, especially without intending to buy anything.

Then I thought, does it have to be in the window, I mean I often think of window shopping as any activity were you are just looking at things and have no intention of buying. Of course I had to go with this because most of my “shopping” sort of photos are not from windows, but taken in many shops or around them. So I hope Ritva doesn’t ‘mind that I took it a little further.

One thing I have noticed with the way I photograph windows compared to others is the I seem to tend to zoom in a lot more. I like treating window decorations like a still life setting.

I have one image that is a shop window, but all you see is the reflection. I love this image as the main reason for it is because I created the reflection.

Then I thought about some of the things I’ve take in or around shops. Some of them taken in big departments or arcades. There is even a street from New York.

Then as I was going through my photos and finding ones that I hope fit the theme I realised that I take a lot of food photos. Well many cakes really. I love how they present them in the stores or in windows. They can be really interesting. Umm, maybe there is hint there for me that I just haven’t been taking.

Maybe I have a problem. The Hopetoun Tearooms always have a beautiful window display. I have photographed it so many times over the years.

Thank you Ritva once again for hosting and for those that would like to check out her take on Window Shopping you can find her post here.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful. You don’t have a problem, shop windows are beautiful. When I lived in Florida I lived just outside of a Greek tourist area, I’d take photos of the bakery’s their windows were dressed so beautifully. I believe it’s a natural draw for anyone who sees beauty in all forms.

    1. Thank you Laura, I think I meant that I love photographing the food, that perhaps I should start doing more of it. Aren’t those windows wonderful to photograph?

  2. Your photos are amazing! I love the colors. May I know for how long since you start the photography? That’s beautiful.

    1. It is an interesting tearoom, I’ve taken people there, but not often because I don’t know that the inside is as good as the window. I loved your visit here, some of my all time Melbourne photos were taken with you Janice. Thank you.

    2. You made my visit to Melbourne, our morning photowalk was special, I also managed some great photos in between gabbing our faces off! My daughter has finally moved back to Calgary, so it is unlikely I will get another chance to visit. But never say never!

    3. I’m glad you enjoyed it too. Talking was the best part. What a shame, well you never know, maybe I will come and visit you one day. Maybe.

    4. Well you never know, it is unlikely because I don’t think I will travel overseas again, but they say never say never.

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  4. I can’t spend too long on your second gallery when I’m on a diet. That photo with the fish eye lens is very attractive. And so is that monochrome of closed shop windows.

    1. Well that is understandable, I don’t mind you giving those images a miss. I was just saying how I like the type of images you can get from the fisheye. I should try it again. Thank you so much.

  5. It’s not just the challenge set you, nor the photos of your response, it’s the whole rich dynamic of all the thoughts and associations triggered by that challenge. Very satisfying! (And yes, you were window-shopping — as in, shopping for windows, not through them)

    1. I’ve been in a few times, it is crowded and I don’t know that it is really that good. If you want a really good high tea I would recommend the Grand Hyatt, it is outstanding, the best we have found.

  6. I love the design elements of all the treats especially the colorful macaroons and the feature photo. It is funny, once I got going on this challenge I found so many photos. My favorite image was the reflective window. And I appreciate you sharing the way took the photos. Well done, Leanne.

    1. Unfortunately I can’t take credit for the design, I just photographed what was there, but it is a great way to get photos. I have to admit I knew i had lots, but it was hard to find them. I have too many photos. Thank you Donna.

    2. I’m glad I am not in charge of the design elements. They would never make it to the design. Lol. But as a photographer you rocked the photos.

    3. Yeah, I don’t think I am a good designer either, but I like how they give me ideas. I like photographing what they have done, it is fun.

  7. Leanne, what a stunning collection you shared here. I loved that dark window photo. So beautiful! I have to say that the food section was my favorite. Your photos made those treats look so tasty. This was a wonderful gallery.

  8. The perfume bottles–I like that one, especially! Oh, and the wine bottles and the Danish’s…just bring on the food, Leanne! 😀

    1. I love perfume bottles they can be so interesting. I will see what I can do with the food, I apparently like to photograph it. Thank you Lois.

  9. What an adventure Leanne. It’s too bad that indoor shopping centers don’t allow us to take pictures. I suppose if I didn’t ask before hand……… And your photos of cakes, I’m glad I just finished eating breakfast. But there are cookies in the kitchen! Great post.

    1. Thank you Anne, I think we went past the Hopetoun tearooms when you were here. It is much the same here with many centres, but yeah I take photos until told not too, though there are some here that accept that it is an area of interest and people will want to take photos.

  10. Not surprised a bit that you came up with a creative approach and a marvelous collection of images Leeanne. Your food images could be the start of a new career! They’re terrific. Thanks as always for doing us.

  11. These are absolutely fabulous examples and I can easily live with the wider idea of shopping. That last gallery of pastries, and macarons – I loved those images. I so wish I could have some now. The -sccity-2549 was my absolute favorite it stood in color and composition.

    1. Thank you Ritva, I’m glad you can see the wider view, I needed it. The food stuff is so good, though I don’t like macarons.

  12. I see we both like photographing window displays. I enjoy the artistry of the window dressers. I agree, they are like stillives. I also like the double exposure look that reflections give.

    1. I totally agree Sherry, I love the windows you can get lots of ideas. The reflections is not something I like unless I can get them without me in them. Thank you Sherry.

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