Let’s talk about toilet paper

Let's talk about toilet paper

What, you don’t want to talk about toilet paper, but really I think it is important, so let’s do it. Look give me a couple of minutes.

I know this is a strange conversation, but there is a reason for it. Remember that talk we had about how I was trying to do more for the environment and one of those things was reducing how much plastic I use. Well, the bathroom is one place where I have done that, a lot.

Toilet paper

Okay, so we didn’t use plastic toilet paper, but what is one thing you notice when you go to the supermarket and look at the loo paper rows?

Yep, you got it, they are all wrapped in plastic.

This is where Who Give a Crap comes in. They are an Australian company and they produce toilet paper from 100% recycled paper. You can get it delivered to your door and there is no plastic. It does come in a large cardboard box, but you can compost that or recycle. Me, I’m using them for my no dig garden.

The best part is that you can do it as a subscription. So we get 48 rolls of toot paper delivered to us every 8 weeks. You can do it at 12 or 16, whatever you want really. We don’t go through that much in that time, but our daughters like the overflow. If we find we are running out, we can change the date.

So while the pandemic was on and everyone was rushing to buy the dunny paper, we didn’t need to worry.


They donate a lot of the profits to help build toilets around the world. So we are helping them to do that.

Soap, shower gel, shampoo

In the shower trying to keep clean has been a hard one for me. I’m allergic to soap. Trying to find soap and shampoo that won’t make me scratch for days is really hard. I can use shower gels, not all, but some, which was good. Shampoo was almost impossible. Do you know how many shampoos are out there that don’t use soaps in them? I can tell you, not many.

One day I was in the city and saw a little side shop for The Australian Natural Soap Company. I talked to the woman in there and told her the problems I have with soaps. She suggested some soap shampoo and some other soaps for my skin. I was given some samples.

There is no doubt I was sceptical. Do you know how many times I’ve been told that something will be good for my skin and I ended up being allergic to it?

So I tried them. She was right, they were fantastic. I have never had a problem with the sensitive skin range. It is amazing.

The best part

Well, I think it is, you can order it all online. If you pay a couple of dollars more you can get it delivered to you plastic free. I always go for that option. So now I am not finishing up with empty plastic bottles of shower gel and shampoo. The amount of plastic is being reduced in the bathroom.

Let's talk about toilet paper

Using bamboo toothbrushes

When I heard how many used toothbrushes there are every year, I knew I had to change what we do here.

I found a company called Brush with Bamboo. They make toothbrushes out of bamboo. The bristles are plastic and can be recycled, but compared with normal ones, that is a whole lot less plastic.

You can remove the bristles once you are done with it, then you can compost the bamboo or use it for something else. I am using them in the garden to mark where things are.

We have been using them for a few years now and I think they are as good as the plastic ones.


The only real problem is the company is in the US, so when I get them they do come with a rather large carbon footprint. To offset that, or reduce it when I order I make a big order and get lots. Last time I ordered 32, it is taking us a while to get through them.

That seemed to be the best way to get around that. I have tried some made in Australia but didn’t like them as much.

Let's talk about toilet paper

Have you thought about reducing the plastic in the bathroom?

Is this something you have thought about doing? Or have you done it, share with us your thoughts on it?

Let’s talk about toilet paper

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  1. Great read 🙂 I always hated the fact that toilet paper is wrapped in plastic. Loving this new idea, sadly the carbon footprint would be too high if I ship them (and the bamboo brushes to Europe).

    1. Maybe you can find something similar in Europe, I agree about the carbon footprint, though I do do it for the toothbrushes, but might see if there is something similar here as well. Thank you.

  2. Great post. I am gradually trialing and replacing household consumables with more eco-friendly alternatives. I have stalled a bit in this project this year because of pandemic-related financial issues (trial and error with testing products out can be expensive) but most of our household cleaning items are sustainable in some way now. Like you, I have sensitive skin so I have not been very successful with finding eco personal hygiene products that work for me. I have been meaning to look into eco-friendly toilet paper so your post reminds me to do that research.

    1. That is great to hear Laura, I’m doing the same. The pandemic has been hard for a lot of things. I hope you can find some skin products that are good for you too. Maybe take a look at the soap company I spoke about, I can tell you what I use if you like. The toilet paper is a great thing to do, we love the deliveries.
      thank you Laura.

  3. Thank you Leanne for a really good post! We all need to be more mindful about all the things that we buy that are somehow encased in plastic, everything from our produce in grocery stores to a little toothbrush that you almost need a chainsaw to break through the packaging!

  4. Reducing plastic everywhere is something we all need to talk about. Thanks for making me more aware. I’m headed to my pantry now to see what else is encased in plastic!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Rusha, we definitely need to do. I should talk about what I have done in the kitchen, maybe another time. Thank you.

  5. Great approach, Leanne. Regarding soap: I have a very similar problem. I can’t use most of the shampoos (fortunately there are not many hairs left, so I don’t need to care) and liquid soap. My wife has a hard job, to get old-fashioned soap blocks for me. Whenever I stumble upon i.. oliveoil soap, sheepmilk soap or any other traditional made soap, I‘m buying a couple of blocks. It’s also a welcoming gift for Christmas or my birthday. Another pro: traditional soap blocks don’t contain microplastics as it is used in shower-gels for creating the peeling effect

    1. Thank you Solaner, good to talk to someone who has similar skin problems. That soap company also does an avocado soap which I really like too. I hadn’t thought of that about the microplastics, very good point.

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