Reposting 10 Non Photography Items That I Find Essential for Excursions

I found this post today and I have to say it still rings true. There is probably only one thing that I don’t really use, but will be in the future and that is Number 2.

From 2015

Sometimes I think we get so bogged down with the gear that we don’t always think about the other things we like to take on our excursions that have become essential. I thought today it might be fun to take a look at the things that I think are just as important to take with me when taking photos.

1 – Good Shoes

I recently got a pair of Merrell Moab hiking boots and I have to say they are the best shoes I’ve ever had for taking photos. I know I can wear them anywhere. They are waterproof, which has proved to be a lucky save on more than one occasion. I can remember going to look at a gate in Marysville, putting my foot down, only to discover I marysville-waterfalls-rainforest-2-1028had put it into a large hole full of water. My foot stayed dry, but my new shoe didn’t look so new anymore.

Merrell has also said they will help sponsor me for my trip to the US and will be supplying me with a pair of shoes, so I will be wearing the Moab hiking shoes when I am walking around the USA in September.  Thank you Merrell.

2 – Hiking or Walking Stick

At first, I think my friends thought I was crazy when I said I wanted one, then after I got one, they all started wanting them. The stick has stopped me from falling over so many times. Walking through wet slippery rainforests can be treacherous, but the stick has actually helped to stop me from falling. It is also great for balance when walking on rocks.

I got the Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking poles by Black Diamond. You do buy them in pairs, but I wasn’t sure if I would want a pair, so I asked a friend if she was interested and then we went halves. So we got one each. Mine has been used a lot. It is also good for taking the weight off your knees and ankles when walking up and down as well.

UPDATE: I have some new ones now, but I am keeping them as a pair so I will use them together.

3 – Company

When I was doing this list I was heading down the coast with a friend and she reminded me that I like to have IMG_20150123_202311company when I go out and take photos. I couldn’t say that she was wrong. I will go out on my own, but it is so boring that way, and she is right I really do like to have someone with me. Makes the trip a whole lot more enjoyable.

4 – Phone

I could say my phone for safety reasons, but really I like to take my phone so I can take some photos with it for Social Media. I like putting up shots of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I love using Instagram for that too. I think it’s fun.

One thing that these modern phones are also good for is helping or preventing you from getting lost. I love Google Maps, and it has saved me on more than one occasion.

5 – Comfortable Clothes

I guess this goes without saying, but comfortable clothes are a must. I hate being uncomfortable and I don’t think you point-lonsdale-pier-lighthouse-ocean-116can take good photos if you aren’t comfortable. Fashion goes out the window. I like jeans, and vests really. Also, this time of year clothes to keep me warm. In summer short and tops.

6 – Hat and Sunscreen

This one is partly for summer as the sun here is so hot and damaging that a good hat and sunscreen are essential. Getting sunburned is not my idea of fun, and helping my skin get cancer is not either. I try and wear clothes that will cover me as much as possible and then I put on sunscreen, making sure to note the time so I know when to reapply. The hat is always with me. I need a new one I think for this summer, the one I have now is looking very faded. Still, might get some more summer out of it.

I have a knitted hat for winter. It is one that covers my ears as well. I don’t like the wind blowing around my ears as it point-lonsdale-pier-lighthouse-ocean-117makes me feel dizzy, more so if the wind is really cold. So my hat and gloves are always with me in the winter.

7 – Insect Repellent

Not a big one for winter here, but in summer everywhere you go there is something. Flies, mosquitoes, march flies, etc. I’ve learned the hard way that you have to have good insect repellent, especially for Marsh flies. They hurt when they bite and then they itch, and itch, and itch. It can take a couple of weeks for the itchiness to go away.

8 – Water

I try to always remember water, but at this time of the year, I’m not good at it. In the summer absolutely. I have to have water with me. It is hot here in summer and you need to keep yourself hydrated for the heat.point-addis-beach-victoria-australia

9 – Snacks

This is another one I try to remember. So many times when I’m out taking photos I get hungry. Especially if we have hiked to get to where we are. There is nothing worse than having to leave somewhere early because you forgot to pack a snack. It doesn’t have to be much, but it has to be something.

10 – Coffee

My friend also contributed to this one. She thinks I always have to have a coffee, and well, let’s face it she’s right. I do 20150511_100123_007like to have a coffee at some point. I think stopping for a coffee is a great way of collecting your thoughts. Though, I must say I am very careful about how much I drink. There aren’t always rest stops where we are going, so I always have that in mind too.

So the last few might not have been absolutely necessary, but it was meant to be a fun post. I like doing posts like these and I hope you do too.

What are your essentional non photographic items that you like to take with you? Is your list similar to mine?

The photos for today are all ones you’ve seen before, but they all came to mind when I was writing this post.


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  1. From previous experience……..a spare pair of glasses. Spent hours searching for them in Bosnia last year when I fell down a steep slope. (Lost camera and hire car keys in the same fall as well as skin from knees.) …. Found them in the end, but as I am as blind as a bat always carry a reserve on my travels now.

    1. I’ve never lost my glasses, but I can what you mean. Sounds like a hiking stick might be a good idea Geoff, lol. I am lucky in that I can see without my glasses, so it wouldn’t be too bad. Thanks for sharing that Geoff.

  2. Beautiful photos. … you spoke of the weather as if it’s not summer where you are. I am curious. Where are you? I’m in Southern U.S., and it’s hot as blazes in the summer months right now. 😉

  3. Personally, coffee or in my case tea would be much closer to #1 on my list. Got to agree that a long, say 6′ long walking stick is a good idea. I used mine as a monopod for steadying my camera. Back in the day I got some really nice butterfly / grasshopper / bug shots with that technique.

  4. Your list is like mine. I’m down to using a waist pack with one additional lens, water and lens cleaner/tissues. Sometimes I’ll just bring a camera and lens and water. I do bring a protein bar or two.

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