Long Exposures


Long exposure photography is very popular now. I really enjoy doing them and experimenting to see what I can do. I recently got a new filter, the Formatt Hitech 10 stop filter.  I already had the Lee Big Stopper, but I have really liked all the other Formatt Hitech filters I have so it seemed logical to get their 10 stop as well. I wasn’t disappointed.

This image was taken with the Lee filter.


There is nothing wrong with how the Lee filter worked, but it does tend to give your image a blue cast. Admittedly very easy to fix.

This was a long exposure I took at the Dragon’s head at number 16 beach at Rye. I took it a couple of months ago and I have processed other photos from that day, but I did all of those in black and white. I looked at this image and thought it might be nice to try it in colour. I like how it has come out and a friend told me it was in my colours, which I thought was an interesting comment, do I have my own colour scheme?

Yesterday we did a big day along the back beaches. Crazy time to do it really as it is holiday time and that whole area, the Mornington Peninsula, is full of people. It was hard to find somewhere for lunch, but thankfully these beaches are no good for swimming so we could take photos. We found a new spot, Spray Point and we will be going back there, take a look why.


Lots and lots of rock shelves. The tide was just starting to come back in. I’ve been loaned the Nikon 28-300mm lens and used it for all my photos yesterday. I had no desire to change lenses, I didn’t feel I needed to. I like that I can do wide and zoom in with it. It is a very versatile lens.

I used the Formatt Hitech 10 stop for this one. I didn’t want a complete long exposure as I really like being able to see the water moving, or how it did move. I described to someone how I was doing semi long exposures.  The new filter was great and I didn’t notice any colour casting at all. I have to say I was very happy with it, I think I found my new favourite filter.

My new Merrell shoes that I can walk in the water with are still a favourite. I love that I can just walk straight in and get shots. Of course the water wasn’t very high, and when the tide started coming in I had to be careful.  Still it was nice not to have to run out of the water because a wave came in.

A very successful day out I think. I really enjoyed the company and met some other great photographers that were out taking photos as well.

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  1. Love these shots, Leanne. So are you blogging in two different spots now? I don’t know how you do it!!! I can’t even keep up with one blog! lol

    1. Thank you Kirsten, yes, I am, but I have cut down severely what I do on the other one, so still blogging about the same amount just over two blogs. I like this one, it is where I show off what I’m doing. lol

    2. You are incredible or incredibly crazy with your blogging – I’m not sure which! Lol. Your photography is always amazing. You have a true gift. We need to Skype sometime soon

  2. I must remark that it was your long exposure images of the coast the first got me interested in your blog and your photography. Gosh, that was quite some time ago…then you began wandering derelict buildings. However, it was those coastal views that I always remembered. Now you are revisiting that, I think.

    1. I do love doing long exposures, there is something magical about them. I think I have got into more in the last year too because of the ND filters. They are one of my favourite pieces of kit now. Good to hear that you like the images too, thank you.

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