Looking at one particular photographer

Last week we were looking at a few, but today I thought we could look at one particular photographer. I did introduce you to him last week.

Looking at one particular photographer

If we look back at the post last week you would have seen the last video was by photographer Brendan Van Son. He asked that question “why do you love photography” or something like that.

When I do those posts they are usually photographers that I have discovered for myself as well. So I thought we could look at Brendan again, but this time I want to introduce you to his YouTube account.

Brendan van Son

After that post, I spent the rest of the week watching his videos. There are so many and I really liked them. So today I thought I might show you three of my favourites, in no particular order.

Namibia Vlogs

The first one is part of a series about his trip to Namibia. If you like this one you can then go on and see how his trip there went. He also ran a workshop while there. Amazing landscape.

Why You Should Return to Photo Locations

This is something that I think is great advice. I do it often, go back to locations, usually over many years.

My final video

Photographing the Eagle Hunters in Mongolia

This was a lovely feel-good video. So good to see things changing in the world, even in Mongolia.

I’m leaving it there now. It has been a busy day as I spent the day driving around the country taking photos. It was a good day.


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