Monochrome Madness during a pandemic

Monochrome Madness during a pandemic

It is an interesting time when you are living through a pandemic and during that time it is also hard to do monochrome madness. This week I thought it would be better to look through and find something from the past.

Looking back

It can be interesting trying to be a photographer when you can’t leave the house. It seems almost natural to look back at the places we have been and the places we want to go.

Some are ones I’ve been to many times, others, not so much. I have been thinking about this a bit. As the weather has changed and winter is with us I want to get out with my camera, but it hasn’t been possible. Soon, it could be as Australia seems to have done a great job so far in containing coronavirus. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we can go out and take photos again.

I thought for today I would reshow a photo I took last year of a famous tourist spot here. The 12 Apostles were closed during this time and no one has been allowed to go there, supposedly. I was there last year and it was such a great trip. The plan this year had been to go again with my mum, but it might have to wait until next year now.

I hope you enjoy seeing this image again.

Monochrome Madness during a pandemic

Monochrome Madness during a pandemic

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  1. Hi Leanne New to your blog and beautiful images. Stunning images of Melbourne too. Im also a Melbourne girl and very amateur photographer.

  2. This is a beautiful memory image. This season is a season of building ideas for what we will all do next. I look forward to the output of art work which comes when people can be once again go out.

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