Monochrome Madness – Imitating Ansel Adams

If you want to do black and white or monochrome landscape images the photographer we all seem to want to look at is Ansel Adams. He is the grandmaster to most of us.

One of the areas that Adams is famous for photographing is Yosemite National Park in California. I am so happy that when I went to the US in 2015 it was one of the places that I got to see. I was only there overnight, but I did get to see a lot of it during that time. I took so many photos around there.

When I was trying to work out what images to use today I saw the book I recently purchased about Ansel Adams so I decided to look through it and then do some images inspired by the book. So that is what I have for you today. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have any images that were taken at the same place as him. I should have studied his work more before I went away. Then again I didn’t know I would be going there until I arrived in San Francisco for my trip.

I’m not sure I’ve done the work justice in comparison, but I had a lot of fun doing the processing.

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    1. Thank you Sarah, I think it is hard to process black and white images of Yosemite and not look at Ansel Adams, such an inspiration for us all.

  1. These are beautiful Leanne… I love how you’ve captured the images. Reminds me so much of our visit to Yosemite… it is one of the most beautiful places ever… especially the drive to Yosemite from Merced.

    1. Thank you Bren. How amazing is Yosemite? I can’t remember what way we went, but I spent most of my time with my camera out the car window. lol

  2. We had many of his photos hanging up around our house when I was a kid. I would sit in the chair and admire his photos, and I think that’s what got me so interested in photography in the first place. I’m glad to see that other people found this same inspiration.

    1. Oh wow, what happened to those photos Christopher, I hope you have some. They are really good photos and I think they have inspired many of us.

  3. Very nice!
    I think you did an excellent job of capturing the feel, but without straight up copying the result.

    1. Thank you Matt, I looked at the book, then choose my images and then processed. The book had been put away by the time I processed them, so it was more reaction, if that makes sense.

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