Monochrome Madness – To tone or not to tone

When I was going through my folders today I found two images of the New York skyline taken at night from the top of the Empire State Building.

I had made them black and white and then on copies added a tone to them. I’m wondering if I like the tone better or the simple black and whites. Here let me show you.

This the first one.

Here is the tone.

I also did this one.

Here is the toned one.

I think maybe the tone on this one was too heavy.

So which do you prefer? The ones with the tones or those without.

Here let me put them into a gallery so you can scroll through them.

Participating in Monochrome Madness

If you would like to participate in this challenge please post photos on your blog and use the tag Monochrome-Madness, as then I can use the reader to see what you post. Also, use the tag mid-week monochrome to catch Bren’s as well.

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  1. I enjoy playing with black and white conversions and various toning options too. Of this selection I like the black and white and the first toned version. Both pleasing to the eye. Hope all is going well on your side of the planet!! 🙂

    1. Good to hear Judy, it is fun to do. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on them. Yes, everything is fine in my little world right now. Take care. 😀

  2. Tones can be very alluring and are a fun experiment. They can be useful when trying to give an ‘old time’ feel to an image. I think the tone on the first shot works well although I’d personally stick to the standard B&W. The toning on the second shot is a bit too strong for my taste. I love both the original B&W’s and find the ‘curvature of the earth’ effect fun😎👍

    1. That is very true, always interesting to see what you can do with tones. I quite like putting a tone on images, but it has to be the right one. I find the same as you, the second one is too strong for me as well. Thank you so much, I live that curvature as well.

  3. For this cityscape shot– the first one. The tone version seems too detailed– giving more prominence to the architectural lights. This might appear better with a nature shot. Still, their both very nice photos, Leanne.

    1. The real colour would have been lots of bright colours I think. Maybe I should see if I can find the colour ones and show them on Sunday, what do you think? Thank you.

  4. Hi Leanne. I like the tone on the first one… it shows more contrast for some reason. I find the second one is toned too much for my taste.

  5. With the tone as shown for the first image. I think it adds a lot of visual texture. Great post, Leanne.

  6. Hi Leanne – Hope you’re well!
    I usually prefer black and whites straight out of the camera but I like your toned images better for some inexplicable reason 😉 in this series…

    1. Thanks Leo, I am well.
      I wonder if the tones are like what colours lights at night can be, no idea. Thank you for letting me know Leo.

  7. It’s always a matter of personal taste. I quite like the 2nd one (first toned one) but couldn’t tell you why I prefer it.

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