Monochrome Wednesday – Challenging myself


This is going to look familiar, but this is more a challenge for myself now. I did stop Monochrome Madness a while ago, but it seems it has been missed, so I am back with a different version, Monochrome Wednesday.

Monochrome Wednesday – Challenging myself

I have missed the challenge of doing a monochrome image each week. I hadn’t really thought about bringing it back until one of the mods from my Facebook group asked about it. So we have started it again there, but I wanted to do it like a blog post again as well.

It isn’t going to be like it was before, in that I’m not going to post other people’s photos this time, but happy for others if they want to do it as well. You can post them in my FB group if you want too, click the following link, TPM Photos.

You can participate if you want to, but I’m doing this more for myself now.

My Image

I initially did this image in colour. I have posted it here before. It was a sunset shot and people seemed to really like it. I wondered how it would look if the colour was taken out of it.

Can you tell it is still a sunset? It has always been a question for me if you can tell that is when it was taken. I still don’t know the answer to that question, maybe you can tell.

This is quite a popular place for sunset here in Melbourne. The photos are taken from a pedestrian bridge, the Webb Bridge. Any night at this time of the year you will see people there with their cameras and tripods to take photos.

That building is also one of my favourite buildings as well. It is good to see the way the light reflects off it. It makes it part of the sunset.


I hope you enjoy seeing my monochrome images again.

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  1. Ghost town … more like Ghost City, an abandoned, modern city in which her people give it up.

  2. Nice shot! I guess it could be of a sunrise or a sunset, but since you stated that it’s a sunset, I know which one it is.

  3. The mood seems to suggest a storm approaching, rather than a sunset. Regardless, it’s magnificent.

  4. Very moody! If only the water could have been more still the reflection would have been a bonus. The counterpoint between the flats in the left rear, the right and the balance of the dark clouds & shadow of the reflected buildings does create a sense of the profound.

    1. The water there is never really that still, the problem with rivers really. It can be still, but it hardly ever happens. Glad you find other things okay with it Craig, thank you.

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