More photographers some new and some old

Today I have found more videos for you of photographers, some of them are new while one of them is old, or rather someone we have looked at before.

More photographers some new and some old

Today I have another three videos for you. One is from David Yarrow who we looked at a few weeks ago. This is a different one. I also found a new photographer for me, Martin Bond. His insights into street photography and social media are really interesting. Then I found a documentary on National Geographic and their photographers.

I hope you enjoy seeing all these photographers. The first two videos aren’t very long, but the last one is, sorry, but too good not to include.

David Yarrow

This is a video of David Yarrow talking about his work on Tedx Talks. He goes into a lot of detail about photography now and what you need to do. There is also a lot of discussion on how he produces his photos.

Martin Bond

After watching the previous video I came across the following one from the same YouTube channel. Martin is talking about street photography and social media. He looks at how they work together, or in some cases not.

Watch as he describes the reactions he has had as he puts his photos up on social media.

National Geographic Photographers

Who wouldn’t like to be a National Geographic Photographer? Or Not.

I found this video that looks at some of them and their lives as a photographer. It is an old one, I think, not sure, but we can still learn a lot from it.

That wraps them up this week. Let me know if you think there is someone, in particular, I should look at.

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  1. Very interesting. I watched the first two and will come back to the third one. Both Yarrow and Bond gave me perspectives on photography that I have simply taken for granted or not thought of. The next time I take a photo I will definitely consider my proximity to the subject. I’ve been reluctant to do street photography but I like Bond’s philosophy of capturing moments that aren’t posed for. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your thoughts are very similar to mine Mama, I got a lot out of them as well. You’re welcome, it is good to hear you enjoyed them.

  2. David Yarrow’s words as well as his images really resonated with me… immersion, intimacy, proximity… it is interesting how it makes you reflect on what you do with your own images.

    1. I’m not into the same sort of photography as him, but I know what you mean. A lot of what he said applies to many different types of photography. Though, many of use would not be allowed to capture the type of images that he does.

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