New Zealand Wanderings Day 13 – Moeraki


Day 13 has been interesting for us in our New Zealand Wanderings and we find ourselves in Moeraki. Which is famous for the round boulders that are here.

New Zealand Wanderings Day 13 – Moeraki

We landed in Moeraki today and at the place we are staying. It has to be said we are so annoyed. Pissed off even. In all the years I’ve been using Airbnb I’ve never stayed at a place like this. One where we have to make our own beds. Then strip them when we leave and maybe even clean the place. Then of course, naturally we have to take our rubbish with us.

It is one of the most expensive places we have stayed in here and this is what happens.

We ended up at the Moeraki Tavern and I had a few glasses of wine. Alright, I’m a lightweight and I had two, it was enough. So my blog post today is going to be short.

Moeraki Boulders

We saw them today. Conditions weren’t good and we were hoping to get back there, but guess what happened?

Yeah if you guessed rain, you would be right. Unbelievable. Oh well.

I did do one image for you. Please forgive the drunk post. I did this after my visit.


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  1. Ack! I am sorry this section of your trip turned out to be a bit of a loss. As someone who does lots of road trip vacations, I feel like every one of those trips involves some sort of accommodation disaster and at least one day that ends up being a bit of a write off. At least you got to relax with some wine. That’s the silver lining.

    1. I think you might be right Laura, there is always something. Oh yes, the wine didn’t make up for it, but it did give me a happy buzz. Thank you.

  2. In all the airbnb places we’ve stayed the beds were made when we got there but we did have to make our beds every day and keep the unit tidy. When we leave we put the garbage outside. There is also a cleaning charge in the price of our stay so that when we leave the place is given a thorough cleaning before the next quest arrives. I guess if I arrived and found that the beds weren’t made up I’d be upset as well. You can report them and airbnb should warn them. Unfortunately they could also give you a bad report and that would make it difficult for you to rent elsewhere.

    1. I have found the same Mama, I don’t make my bed while there, but how would they know. I do make sure the place is very clean when I leave. Yes, there are always cleaning charges.I think anyway. She left me a horrible review, but I did some research and did a response to it. So if people see what she wrote they can see what we went through. Hopefully that will help. It is the only negative review I have ever gotten. Thank you.

    2. Our son had a bad review once and he was devastated. There’s no way that he or his wife would have left the place in a mess. I guess you won’t be staying there again and hopefully others will read your review and boycott the place as well.

    3. It is devastating, it can really screw you up. I think it is probably best to video or take photos as soon as you arrive and then when you are leaving so you have proof of what you experience or leave behind. I definitely won’t stay there. Thanks Mama.

  3. Wow Leanne, the rain just won’t give you guys a break! I’d tell the BNB to stuff it. That’s not how things should work.

    1. It hasn’t been too bad John, in some ways rain was to be expected. We have had some gorgeous weather as well. Yeah, not sure what I am going to do about the house. She left me a horrible review. I didn’t. Thank you John.

  4. I’ve been enjoying your trip and feel for you. The only time I’ve encountered having to strip my own bed was in a San Francisco hostel. Even then they told us that since we had a private bedroom, we didn’t have to so that. Then to have rain on top of it! I hope the rest of your trip is enjoyable.

    1. Thank you Anne, the trip has been really good most of the time. Yeah, having to strip the bed was a bit weird. If I had known that I wouldn’t have stayed there.The rain hasn’t really been bad, though we should have expected it for this time of the year. I have to say I am looking forward to getting home.

    1. I can understand hou you would think that. I thought they looked like eggs as well. Thank you Lois, the horrid Airbnb, well, today’s post has an update about that.

    2. Hi Leanne. I read that and it sounds horrid. By all means, post your rebuttal! Gives me pause about using and Airbnb in the future…..

    3. Yeah, it has done the same for me Lois. It was really upsetting and I hated it. Put a damper on the trip for a couple of days. Especially when we decided not to leave a bad review for them. We just said the place had an amazing view.

  5. It seems to me that you had excellent, albeit challenging, light, and it is certainly an unforgettable place. It will haunt you.

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