New Zealand Wanderings Day 16 – Christchurch


This is my last post for my New Zealand wanderings here and we spent Day 16 in Christchurch. This morning we set off to walk around the city centre and see what we could find.christchurch-earthquake-damage-architecture-newzealand-2434

New Zealand Wanderings Day 16 – Christchurch

It is hard to walk around Christchurch and not notice all the buildings that have been damaged by the 2011 earthquake. I have to admit I thought I would see some, but not a lot. Here we are 8 years later and the damage is still being fixed. Really brings home how bad it was.

There are also vacant lots everywhere, which we assume were once buildings that have now been removed, but waiting for new ones to be built. It is quite eery really.

One of the saddest to see was the big cathedral in the city. It is hard to imagine how they will fix it, if it can be fixed. We were talking to a woman in a market who was saying that it is causing a bit of controversy. Some say it should be brought down completely, while others think it should be restored. If they do restore it, then who pays for it. The building belongs to the Anglican Church.

Apparently, it is going to be restored, which is good.

The last day

Sadly, we leave New Zealand tomorrow. It has been a fantastic trip for the most part. I hope you have enjoyed following along with it. No doubt there will be further posts about the trip and things I’ve learned about travelling. Definitely more photos when I am back at my computer.


The photos for today are some of the buildings that show damage.


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  1. Seeing all the scarred buildings and sites in the city must keep the trauma pretty raw for those who lived through the earthquake. Thanks for letting me travel vicariously through your photos.

    1. I think you might be right Laura, it must do that. You’re welcome Laura, still a lot more to come. I don’t quite know how many photos I took, but it was a lot. Thank you for tagging along.

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