New Zealand Wanderings Day 9 – Invercargill


Today sees us in Invercargill on Day 9 of my New Zealand Wanderings. This is going to be quick and I will explain more soon.Queens-park-invercargill-autumn-newzealand-0956

New Zealand Wanderings Day 9 – Invercargill

It has been raining all day and we decided not to spend too much time getting here. Though, for the first time we spent the morning taking our time to get ready and leave the house in The Anau.

It has been nice to take it easy. You know have a lie in. We left around 10 and thought we might stop in a few places, but the weather was horrible so we just kept driving.

Invercargill hasn’t been great. It is very very. I thought it would be good to work on some photos with the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13. However, I have spent the last couple of hours trying to work out why my

Bluetooth keyboard has stopped working. It works with my phone.

Apparently the computer can’t find Bluetooth. Seriously. There is no way to turn it on. It is driving me crazy. It is not the first time it has happened here. However, I don’t seem to be able to fix it this time. I just want to scream.


Queens Park

We did get a small opening in the weather to take some photos. We went for a quick walk into Queens Park. So beautiful.

The Autumn colours are everywhere. It looks fantastic. We even saw some red mushrooms which Suzzanna was very happy about.

Since I have had a lot of problems with the computer, I only have three photos for you. I hope you don’t mind. Tomorrow we are on the road again.


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  1. Rain is a familiar companion to us who live in the Pacific NW. I am not as avid as some who get out in it to do photography but the cloudy skies and mossy trunks add character to our world. Can’t beat those tree trunks you’ve captured. Your comment about tech glitches was something we all have felt at times and are particularly trying when wanting to be creative.

    1. I have been hearing that, in a few places were told that it rains for about 200 days a year. At home I’m not as keen to get out in it, but here, it is my only chance, so feel I have to suffer it. Thank you, some of the things we have seen have been incredible. The moss everywhere is so amazing. Tech glitches have been prominent this trip, it has been a challenge, but I’m happy to say I have overcome them all.

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