One Four Challenge for December Week 3


This week I have got in early with my processing and my image for the One Four Challenge for December Week 3.  I had some ideas that I wanted to try out, so I got onto to it all early this week.

One Four Challenge for December Week 3

Again, I am attempting to do something with this image that I haven’t done before.  The Australian summer is very harsh, and I want to show that in these images.  Usually here it is a waste of time taking photos in summer, the light is to strong, the shadows too strong, there is nothing soft about it at all. Through these images I want to try and use that harshness to do something, not sure what, but I am hoping to experiment a lot more over the Australian summer.


Last week I tried to show the heat, and this week I wanted to show heat again, but the wind as well, though a lot more pronounced.

When I was a teenager growing up near the Mallee we used to get the most incredible dust storms.  I can remember the shout would go out, get the washing off the line and close all the windows and doors.  Then we would stay inside until it went past us.  The dust was like a thick brown fog, and it would be windy, so things would be flying around with it.  It was suffocating and you couldn’t go out in it.

They don’t happen so much now, farmers work their fields much differently now so they don’t lose their top soil.  I don’t know that I miss them, but I love how they looked and I thought for the One Four Challenge I would try to make the tree look like it was in the middle of a dust storm.

So to do this image, I changed the colours and added textures.  It was interesting and it was processing that I have never done before, well not quite like this.  It was fun experimenting, trying things, deleting things, just seeing what I ended up with.  I have to say I really like where this ended up.  There are still things to sort out, but it is a great beginning and I’m looking forward to trying this out more with other images and other scenes.

I will put this image into a gallery again, with the other and the original. This is my image for the One Four Challenge for December Week 3, but there will be others over the next week, you can check out Robyn’s blog Captivate me, One Four Challenge – Dec wk 3, and also if you use the reader you can use the tag One Four Challenge to find others.

I just need to remind people that you can comment on this post, and while it doesn’t look like anything happens when you do, it does.  I get all the comments, though it can take me some time to approve and respond to them yet.  I don’t know why this blog is so weird to leave comments on.  I will have to get onto the developers and see what they can work out.


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    1. Thank you Poppytump, I was trying out some new things and I was really happy with how they turned out, got some great effects. 😀

  1. You’ve created a story with each passage and one thinks … can’t get better than this and now this last edition is even more breath taking than the other two … chapeau!

    1. Thank you Georgia, I have to say, I have felt the same way. I really don’t know what I am going to do with it next week, but know I will start playing and see what happens. I do love where it has gone so far.

  2. Oh I love this Leanne 🙂 What wonderful movement and mood! Really speaks to me on a poetic level 🙂

    When the west wind blows
    Tumultuously, daily,
    Carving the landscape

    Sculpting the mundane
    Twisting limbs and leaves of trees
    Into living art

  3. Oh Leanne, what a stunning result: The colours, the texture, the atmosphere you have created… This is by far my favourite. You feel yourself leaning with the tree to protect yourself from the wind and flying dust!

    1. Thank you Chris, I love this one too, I was so happy with the end result, I want to see if I can use the same technique on some other images. I like the way you described how you feel when you look at.

  4. I love it, it really brings forth the dust, I can almost feel it in my eyes. 😀 My favorite though is Week 2, I just love the drama of it.

  5. Oh Leanne, this is lovely. I love how you brought forward parts of the tree to give it more depth. There is certainly a dusty movement to this image and I love the lean-in of the tree. It really works well with the texture moving against that lean-in angle. The coloring is gorgeous too. I am a huge fan of this one. Beautiful.

    1. thank you Carrie, it has been good to hear that people can see, or sense the dustiness. I am a huge fan of this one too, so far my favourite.

  6. Just amazing all of them, but the main is my favorite – just like Julie I would say dry, frayed, alone …. but also strong.

    1. Morning Robyn, I’ve been waiting for you to post your post this week, so I could post mine, LOL. Thank you so much, I really like this one, and it is something I think I am going to explore more.

    2. Ha ha.. so funny Leanne – I’m glad you’re excited about it – it’s truly fantastic! I did see it on fb the other day and was hoping it might of been for the challenge 😀
      The rest of my comment (here)went missing…lol
      I wanted to tell how you I love the textures and subtle colours – the isolation – all so descriptive of those dust storms. I grew up in C Qld for a time and know exactly what you mean. Red dust clouds. This is inspired. Love it!!

    3. Thanks Robyn, oh yes, I put it up there to see what people thought, it didn’t get much attention.
      Really, I wonder where it went.
      Thanks again, glad you can sort of see that I was trying to get a dust storm, or my memory of it.

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