One Four Challenge November Week 3


Week 3 of Robyn’s challenge, from her blog Captivate me, and her challenge ONE FOUR CHALLENGE  NOVEMBER WEEK 3. I have gone back to my original image and had another go at trying to process the same image a different way.

Week 3


I did the reverse thing again this week, like I did for Monochrome Madness last week.  So I got the original image, and made it black and white and worked on it as a black and white image, and then when I was done, I went back to where I had converted it to monochrome and made it colour again. It doesn’t always work well doing this, but sometimes it really makes the colours stand out, I like that.

I’m not pleased with everything I did to it, that is normal, but I think one of the things that I love about this challenge is how you can learn things.  It is like you get to just play and it doesn’t have to be serious.  Robyn did well coming up with this.

One week to go, and then I think we start again, will have to check with Robyn on that.  It has been good fun and I’m looking forward to finding another image to work on.  I don’t think I picked well this time, but that has made it more of a challenge which hasn’t been bad.  I will have to spend some time working out what I will do to this image for Week 4.

Remember to go to Robyn’s blog and her post, ONE FOUR CHALLENGE – NOV WK 3 and look at her post, and the others who have participated in the challenge.

I thought I might do what Robyn has done and give you a gallery with the original and the different changes.

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  1. This my favourite Leanne for its colour. V/Line would approve of the way you have brought out the colours on what I think is a Geelong train.

  2. wow- that is so cool the way the trains are the main feature in this version. I will have to try the convert to monochrome and then convert back method.

    1. Thank you Marsha, it is an interesting process, doesn’t always work, but it is fun to try. I agree, I like the way the trains stand out more in this one.

  3. This is wonderful work Leanne but I think your vintage one is my favourite so far. What a great process too to do a reverse image- I must remember to try that.

    1. Thank you Cybele, that’s great to hear, I have no idea what I will do next with this image. The reverse processing doesn’t always work, but it can you interesting effects.

    1. Start small and just remember to do save as so you don’t lose the original image. Just play and see what you get, best advice I can think of Julie. 😀

  4. like what you’ve done – really fantastic looking at how differently your processes are from the original photo!

  5. Leanne, I enjoyed reading about your reverse mono edit..what a clever idea. I guess you’d see the contrasts and tones better, like B&W??
    I like how you’ve placed the focus on the centre third of this version. It’s all about the trains this time!
    Love seeing your gallery too, with all of the versions so far and I’m so pleased you’re having fun.
    I know I am and it seems to be catching!! 😀 😀

    Yes we do start with another image for December.

    1. Thanks Robyn, it is something I am enjoying doing, I like playing around and finding unexpected things.
      Yes, I know what you mean the trains are more dominant and you can see how many there really are.
      I am having fun Robyn, looking forward to picking another image for December.

      😀 😀 😀

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