Out into the park

Out into the park

This morning I caught up with a friend and we went out into the local park for a walk. It was so nice to get outside.

Out into the park

We are still in Stage 4 lockdown but we are allowed to meet people from another house outside, like a park. This is a fairly new thing, and only came into force a couple of weeks ago.

Victoria is doing really well and we are expecting that more restrictions will be lifted next weekend. Though, we are also being warned that it won’t be as many as we think. Still, it is good to hear that the number of people with coronavirus has gone down a lot here.

The local park

Well, what can I saw, every man and his dog, or child, were out this morning. I have never seen the park so busy for a normal Sunday morning.

It was really overcast, but it was nice to be out in the park. I was going to take my camera with me and take photos, but in the end, I just grabbed my phone and took a heap of photos. So I have some photos for you today.

Here is a gallery of the images.

The river

The river is the Yarra which is the main river in Melbourne and the one that flows through the city. It does come by us as well. We were really shocked by how much water was in it. It is really full and flowing very fast. You could say it was on a mission.


We have to wear masks when we go out and I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like them. However, having said that I would prefer to wear one then end up with COVID 19. It was strange walking with a mask on.

Another thing I noticed is that people seem to be a lot more anti-social with them. It used to be when you were out walking everyone greeted you. They would just say hello, but this morning only one or two people did that. I don’t know why, but I don’t like it.

We are all in this together, and we need to stick together and continue to be nice to one another. I did say hello to people, regardless of how they were.

Out into the park

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  1. A lovely post and I’m glad to see that Australia is not suffering quite as badly as the UK. I’ve written a blogpost about my personal experience with Covid.

    1. I think we were very lucky that our state premier did the hard part and as soon as the numbers started getting high again they put us in lockdown, then when it still wasn’t working, they made the lockdown even tougher, and it has worked. It helps that we don’t have much choice really. We are glad too that he did it. Hopefully things will be able to return to normal soon. Thank you.

  2. Nice to see a beautiful park with lovely trees,
    Good for the soul

    1. It was Sherry, it was the first time I’ve been in the park for months. We do have some interesting trees, thank you.

  3. Always interesting to see and find out how other countries are dealing with the pandemic. Here in the UK we aren’t doing very well at all. The lockdown was not only eased but virtually forgotten about for months as life went back to normal. Now we are unsurprisingly back into lockdown 2 as our figures are back to the levels they were in the spring. We British never learn. Stay safe.

    1. I think in many ways Victoria was lucky to have a Premier who decided that the health of Victorians was far more important than the economy. He has been strict and there are so many penalties for breaching lockdown rules. We have to wear masks, if you don’t and you get caught there is a $200 fine. It never got really bad here, I think the highest daily number was 725, and now it is down to 12 or something like that. We will start seeing some restrictions being lifted next week. Though we know if they do too much too soon people will take advantage. He is also being hard about it because he wants to prevent a third wave. He keeps saying he hopes we can have a normal Christmas. I hope it all works. Good luck there. We have been hearing the numbers and it is scary.

    2. No problem Ian. Well we really hope it works. Though you know the saying give people an inch and they will take a mile, so there will be dickheads who don’t follow the rules and think the world is about them. So who knows. We will be sticking close to home regardless. I hope you guys get it all sorted and get the numbers down too. Let’s hope the vaccine isn’t far away. Fingers crossed.

    3. As you say the second wave was very easily predictable. I can’t understand why people don’t take individual responsibility for their safety and that of everyone they meet! I’ve had personal experience of the virus and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I wrote about it on my blog

    4. I agree, why people think their rights are more important than others is beyond me. Why they think it is okay to infect others potentially. I have heard some horrible things, and how it can be ongoing as well. It is nothing like the flu really.

    5. I read your blog post and I am so sorry to hear about your husband and yourself. It is so easy when you are in lockdown to think of the coronavirus as something you only see on the tv or in the news. You had it really tough. I’ve been thinking about you a lot since I read it. Take care.

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