Photo Challenge 1 – Bridges

photo challenge 1 - Bridge melbourne-yarra-river-sunrise-rain

People on my Facebook pages have expressed wishes to get a weekly photo challenge and it occurred to me that you might like them as well. So the first 1 is going to be Bridges.

seafarers-bridge-filter-night-melbourne Photo challenge 1
Photo Challenge 1

Photo Challenge 1 – Bridges

You can choose how you want to photograph the bridge. You can post where you think, or not at all, just enjoy taking it.

There is a Facebook group when you can post them if you would like, the group is LCP Photo Challenges. Click here for the link to it.

I know many of you don’t like Facebook, so you will have to work out if you want to post them anywhere else. If you post them on your page, see if a trackback or something like that will work where you use this post as a link. Then others can look in the comments to see who else has done it.

I hope you enjoy these challenges. Let me know so I know whether to continue doing them.

You can work either in colour or black and white.

Critiquing Photos

I do a live photo critique most Fridays and it is something that many people have said they find really helpful. The photos are chosen from my membership site, but everyone gets to see the critique. If you are interested in seeing these they happen on my Facebook page The Photographer’s Mentor, click here for the link to it. The post that is pinned to the top will have the time for it. I try to change it around so people from all over the world will get a chance to see some of them.

If you would like to see what they are like here is a link to the one I did yesterday.


Bridges are among one of my favourite things to photograph. Melbourne has some stunning ones that cross the river. I do like it when cities and towns do something to make the construction of the bridges more interesting. Unfortunately too many just build very standard and boring ones. I don’t tend to photograph those.

Here is a gallery of some of my favourites.

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