Photo Challenge 10 – Trees


The day announcing the photo challenge is changing to today. It is the same day I announce it on social media. This way it is in line with that. We are up to Photo Challenge 10 and this week it is trees.



Photo Challenge 10 – Trees

Let me start the challenge with a story about my grandmother. She died many years ago, but she also had a passion for photography, travel and her garden. She loved to photograph trees. There was a story where she convinced the bus driver to stop. There was a tree that she wanted to photograph. The driver stopped.

After each trip, we all avoided going to see her so we wouldn’t have to look at her plant and tree photos. After she died, sadly, I think all her photos were thrown away. No one wanted them. I was young and wasn’t interested either. Though, sometimes now, I wish I had gone through them at least, keeping a small selection.

Once again, participate only if you want too.

Now the pingbacks aren’t really working, so I suggest if you do a post that you leave a comment with the link in it, and I will approve it.

If you are on Facebook there is a special group for sharing your photos, it is LCP Photo Challenge, and if you would like to join click here.

As always, your interpretation. Do what you want.


I wouldn’t say I was a photographer that loved photographing trees. Though, having said that, I have photos of many trees. This is just a selection.

I can’t say I would go out to just take photos of them, but if I am somewhere I will. Since getting my old camera converted to infrared I’ve found that I love photographing trees with it. There is something about infrared that really makes trees stand out.

What about you, do you love photographing them as well?

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  1. Very nice. I don’t always trees but you have inspired me to try it out! Also please visit my site

    1. I am a bit the same,I don’t do it often, not something I would go out to photograph, that’s for sure, you might have to give it a try Marland, maybe.

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