Reposting a before and after – The Dunedin Train Station

Before and After - Dunedin Train Station

We have had a visitor staying with us for the last week or so and it has been busy around here. I thought today you might like to either see this for the first time or see it again. I hope you don’t mind.

Here is something I haven’t done for a while, a before and after of an image I did of the Dunedin Train Station. It is very different.

The Dunedin Train Station is an incredible building. I can’t help thinking, “they don’t make them like that anymore”. Of course, it is true, they really don’t.

When we were there Suzzanna wanted to go back and take photos of it at night. I was up for it, but the weather wasn’t. It rained and that meant we wouldn’t be going out.

In the end, I had to be satisfied with what I had gotten in the morning we went there.


The sun was shining and we really didn’t get the conditions I would have liked. Let’s take a look at what I got.

Before and After - Dunedin Train Station

It is such a stunning building and I wanted to work on at least one. I wasn’t completely happy with it. The composition was okay, but it was pretty boring. The sky was full of clouds, but they were boring too.

So the challenge started. What could I do with this?


The thought crossed my mind if we couldn’t photograph it at night, could I make it look like it was photographed then?

Why not. I like a challenge.

The process took me around 6 hours. It was an interesting process.

Anyway, here is the final image.

Before and After - Dunedin Train Station

You might notice it is a different sky as well.

It isn’t perfect, but it was good fun seeing if it was possible. Perhaps if it hadn’t been sunny it might have worked better. I think it is something I will have to try again in the future.

Challenging yourself is a great thing to do.

I tend not to like doing these sorts of posts as in the past people have always said they like the original more. That just kills me, but thought this would be a good one to show.

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  1. Wow. I’ve never thought about taking photos of the same place at day and night… For me this idea is very original and I honestly love your photos 🖤

    1. It is a good thing to try Allysa, though this is the same photo, I just made the daylight photo look like it was taken at night. Thank you so much.

  2. I like your night version better because it is a far more interesting photograph, but I like the original because I can really see the architecture — and I love old architecture. Back in those olden days, buildings were just designed to be utilitarian. They were intentionally beautiful. Even a decade or two ago, they still built beautiful public buildings. You really don’t see that anymore. Everything is … well … kind of boring.

    1. Thank you Marilyn, good to know. Though I get what you are saying about the original image as well, great point. YOu really don’t see buildings being built like this anymore, I don’t even know that we have people with the right skills to be able to make buildings like it anymore. It is sad. I was just saying to my husband the other day how in the city they are pulling lots of buildings down to build new ones, that part of the problem is that many skyscrapers only have a life span of 20 years, now how ridiculous it that?

  3. The building is beautiful, Leanne! I have been told the same thing a few times, people seem to like the original photo more than the altered photo. I lived in Dunedin, Florida in the early 1990s.

    1. Thank you John. I used to get disheartened by people saying they preferred the original.That is funny. My husband and both his brothers now all live in Melbourne, well him and one brother here in Melbourne Australia, and the other in Melbourne Florida.

    2. Our version of yoiur city, funny! He knew where to go to feel at home. Watch out for hurricanes and be ready to run!

    3. Oh yes, Florida does seem to get hit with a lot of hurricanes. Here in my Melbourne we hardly get any natural disasters, thank goodness.

    4. Lucky you! Those hurricanes are why I chose to stay here in 2016. Could have gone back to Florida or Michigan. I’ll stay put!

    5. We have cyclones, which are the same, but they rotate in the opposite direction, but they only happen in the north. I think it sounds like you made a wise decision.

  4. I think it’s interesting, the before/after posts you do. You do such heavy editing, I’m often curious what you started with… Your finished product is a little mind blowing to someone who edits lightly. (I never would’ve known you’d started with a daylight photo if you hadn’t shown us; the lamp light looks fantastic).

    1. Thank you Matt, it can be interesting see what you can do. I love processing images, I might even enjoy it more than taking the photos. I like getting an image and seeing what I can do to it.

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