Selling a Camera – it is time

Being a Middle Aged Photographer - the upside

My new camera arrived last week so it is time and it seems selling a camera is what I need to do next. My Nikon D850 is up for sale.

Selling a Camera - it is time
This is the camera, but the lens doesn’t come with it.

Selling a Camera – it is time

Moving away from Nikon is not something I ever thought I would do. I got my first Nikon camera in 1996, I believe it was. Over the years I’ve wondered if I’d made the right decision staying with them when I went digital.

Really, I had no idea which brand I should have gone for, but now that I am now using FUJIFILM, I’m really happy. It is nice to be working with a company that seems to like what I do. There also seems to be a great supportive network there too. It is something I think Nikon missed the boat on. People like to feel as though they belong. I’ve often thought that is why Canon has done so well in Australia, they have that too.

DSLR or Mirrorless

Now there are lots of discussions about whether DSLR’s are dying. I don’t think so. I can see that there will always be a market for them. It is like film cameras, everyone thought no one would ever want them. There are lots of people out there that want and buy them still. It seems film isn’t dead.

I thought this video was interesting.

Is there a market for my camera?

This is a good question. I believe there is. I’m sure there are people or someone out there that really wants a D850, but can’t afford the price of a new one.

With that in mind I did some research and it seems that $3500 is a fair price for one, remember I’m talking Australian dollars. I also have 2 XQD cards for it, a 128GB and a 64GB, plus an L bracket and spare battery.

I believe the amount in US dollars is $2400.

So now I need to find that person who wants to buy my camera. Let’s hope there is someone out there. Time to put it on EBay.


I’m including a heap of photos that I took with that camera.

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