Should the infrared camera be in my kit when I go back to Tasmania?


I’m trying to work out whether I should include my infrared camera when I go to Tasmania in a couple of weeks.

We are driving, when I say driving I mean driving onto the ferry and then off it in Tasmania. So space won’t be a big issue. How many cameras can I take with me?

When I was there in 2017 I took it with me and I loved using it. I spoke about it recently how I loved using the infrared more than my normal camera. So I keep thinking will I regret it if I don’t take it?


I haven’t talked about what my camera is for infrared for a while. So I have a Nikon D300s that I purchased around 2010. It had been sitting around my house just collecting dust.

I was following people who were doing a lot of infrared stuff and I was feeling left out. I looked into how much it would cost to get the D300s converted to take infrared images.

There is a place here in Melbourne that does the conversion so I took it there and had it done. It cost me $500, but I think it was worth it. The images you get are just so different. I love the other worldliness of them.

There are many different things you can do to them. Like hand painting them. I have done this before, but I think I would like to do it more. You can play around with the white balance when you get them on the computer and change colours and such too.

I think if I had one regret is that the camera is old now so the ISO wasn’t great. The images I get can be very grainy, but maybe I just need to embrace that.

So I would like to know your thoughts, should the camera be in the bag or not?


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    1. Very true Ted, I think I need to put it on my camera bag and see what I can do with it. Sounds like the back of your car would be interesting. Thank you Ted.

    2. I’ve become aware of leaving my gear in the car, which I usually don’t do. Recently a friend had a full pack, with another persons full pack, taken from the car. The door was forced open in a semi remote spot. They had obviously been followed. Much gear gone in a moment.

    3. When I was trying to run a business I thought of putting leanne cole photography on my car, but then I heard it was a target to get your car broken into. That is terrible about your friends. I am paranoid about leaving gear in the car, I try never to do it.

    1. That is nice of you to say Anne. I know not everything works for it, but it is fun trying out stuff. I think I have to take it, thank you.

  1. “So I keep thinking will I regret it if I don’t take it?”
    If you’re already thinking this, and space isn’t an issue, then take it.

  2. Absolutely, yes, take the infrared camera with you (if space isn’t an issue). I agree with you that the atmospheric images you can get with it seem so arresting, and provide such an interesting and unique perspective. Looking forward to seeing your results!

  3. If space is no issue, definitely take it! If you don’t use it at all then no problem, but if you see a scene you want to capture but haven’t taken the infrared with you, then that would be so disappointing! 🙂

  4. If it isn’t too cumbersome, I think you should take it with you. The photos are fantastic, and I think you might regret not having it with you. My two cents, Leanne!

    1. Thank you Lois, I agree, I think, both on taking it and the photos, I love what you get with it. I probably would see something and think, why didn’t I bring it.

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