Silent Sunday – Native Flower Jigsaws

Silent Sunday - Native Flower Jigsaws

Some of my native flower images have been made into jigsaws and I thought Silent Sunday would be a good opportunity to let you know.

When I went to Cranborne Botanical Gardens a month or so back it was with the intention of getting native flowers that could be used for jigsaw puzzles. This makes the puzzles a little more unique I think. When I processed them I tried to hold back on what I normally do so they would easier to do.

I also wanted to try and give you all a bit of an early Christmas gift by taking a cut on the commission that I normally get so I could give you a discount and Jigsaw Gallery have to come to the party as well so you can get 20% of them until Christmas I think it is.

If you want to get any of the jigsaws that have my images then just use the following code in the checkout


If you want to take up my gift to you then go to Jigsaw Gallery and use the code in the checkout.

Here are some of the native flower images you can purchase, but there are many others available as well. We are also trying to sort out international shipping as well. Which I hope will make it easier for everyone and with the discount even better.

Silent Sunday – Native Flower Jigsaws

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