Silent Sunday – Opening up the archives


Silent Sunday – Opening up the archives

It seems sad at times to do all these photos and never look at them again. I want to start doing some posts where I’m opening up the archives to look back at some of my work.

Opening up the archives

There may just be one image, or it could be a few. I don’t know at this stage, but I really want to show you some of my favourite images over time.

This is a short post, it is just about the images.


Today there will only be three images. They are perhaps my successful images ever on Instagram. All three were taken on my last trip to Tasmania in 2017.

Enjoy your Sunday.

20 Responses

  1. Those are just fantastic, Leanne. The light quality is so surreal. I am so glad that you are posting your beautiful work again. 🙂

  2. 👍👍👍… beautiful

  3. You’ve got quite an amazing collection of images Leanne. Always a pleasure to view your work.

  4. Your art is always stunning. I would like to know how you got the tint to the overall photo.You seem to have a system. Like to share?.

  5. Opening archives is a very good idea, there is no reason in the world why any image should only be posted once. And, also, opening the archives enables those who have only recently followed your blog to see your earlier work. A 🙂

    • I am coming to the same conclusion, it is nice to see some of the oldies coming out again. That is very true, great for new followers. Thank you again Adrian.

  6. These are amazing shots! Love them all 👏👏👏

  7. They are beautiful Leanne. I love how the light is glowing in them.

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