Weekend Wanderings – Hopetoun Lake in infrared

Weekend Wanderings - Hopetoun Lake in infrared

It seems apt to be up here in the Mallee for my Weekend Wanderings post and this morning we took a look at the lake in Hopetoun with the infrared camera.

Weekend Wanderings - Hopetoun Lake in infrared

Weekend Wanderings – Hopetoun Lake in infrared

It has been so long since I was up here last. I kept saying I would come, but then things got in the way. In the end I just went, okay, I’m going week after next and here I am.

The trip up was good and I’m so glad to be back. It is the first big trip in my new car too. It did well. OMG, I do love Bluetooth in cars. I listened to a book all the way here. When the trip is going to long I have found a book is a good way to make the journey pass quickly. Have I told you that I am in love with audible books?

This morning mum and I drove over to Hopetoun hoping to get a toastie and coffee from the woman at the butcher’s, but she wasn’t there. We had to go somewhere else. I took the infrared camera with me and afterward we drove down to the lake.

Hopetoun’s Lake Lascelles in Infrared

The lake is always gorgeous. There are quite a few things down there to take photos of, but I thought it might be fun to do it in IR.

I really don’t use my Infrared camera enough. I want to try getting it out a lot more and making sure I take photos with it. When I’m going out IĀ  really don’t like taking it where I have to carry it and my other camera all day, too much weight. You know how I struggle with the gear I usually take without having to add to it.

It is good when I know the car will be close, but still, I often forget to bring it along. I made a point of bringing it up to the Mallee with me. Not sure I’ve brought it here before.

Weekend Wanderings Gallery

I have some photos for you now that I will put in a gallery for you. I hope you are having a great weekend.

On another note, Formatt Hitech is having a sale and if you have been waiting to buy filters use the code LCOLE20 to get 20 percent off your purchase.Ā  Yes, I do get a kickback too. Great way to help me.

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  1. The winter effect ā€¦ šŸ™‚

    We have Bluetooth connectivity in all of our cars. It does come in handy on long distant drives.

  2. The Mallee…..I grew up there. Some great places for photography. Top country,top people!

  3. Hi Leanne, Really enjoy seeing your infrared look…nice…fun to play around with. Believe you said you did the 720 conversion? Is the metering the same as your regular digital or you “tweak” it? and have you ever done any of your long exposure technique w infrared camera yet?

    1. Thank you Jack, that’s great to hear. Yeah, I did get the 720nm one. I think it is almost the same, though I still bracket, and often pick the under one. I haven’t really tried doing many long exposures with it, but it is on the list of things to do. lol

  4. What makes an infrared camera different from other types of cameras?

    1. Now that is a technical question, haha. Um it has been modified so it only takes infrared photos. I don’t really understand it all, but I love the effect. You can’t take normal photos with it anymore. The filter that was on the sensor was removed and now there is another one that is specifically for this type of photography.

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