Silent Sunday: Port Arthur Pier


Silent Sunday: Port Arthur Pier

Here is one of the long exposures I took of a pier that was across the road from where we were staying in Port Arthur.


Here is a video that I have made of the infrared photos I took of the Port Arthur Historical Site.

Click the following to download your Beta version of On1 Photo RAW 2018, affiliation link.

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  1. Beautiful work. I like the hoar frost appearance without having to experience the cold and icing conditions needed. 🙂

    • Thank you David, I really like that too, it is like getting winter images that I will never be able to get in reality because we don’t get winters like that. I like that too, not getting cold.

  2. The colors in that image are marvelous. An unusual and striking combination. Lovely!

  3. I like the photos but not the zoom in and out effect in the video. That is just me.

  4. Dramatic and creative image, Leanne. Beautiful work.

  5. Geoff.

    Leanne, Do you intend to give little information sessions for on1 Rawphoto editor?

  6. I wondered, are your long exposures 30 seconds or less, or a great deal more?

    • They are generally longer, I seem to favour around 2 or 3 minutes Judy.

    • Oh really. I haven’t really gone for any long exposures of significance, less than 30 seconds for sure, and would like to try it out. I love the mood you get with your long exposure images. Nothing like water, an interesting sky with some contrast and interesting architecture, bridges and marinas. I can see many of your images hanging in engineering offices and other nautical or structural type businesses.

    • You do need to use filters Judy when you are doing them that long. I have ND filters for this kind of photography, and as you have said are great in all those situations. Thank you, that would be nice, I must start getting some printed.

    • Definitely those architectural ones with the low light..bridges etc…you have some that would be perfect in engineering offices. I think if your printed four images in at least 24 x 36 and showed them around, you really ought to get interest. Maybe shoot structures built by local engineers to go with the famous area bridges. I think a small collection of three or four would be better than one for the theme idea. You have some cool images.

    • Thank you so much Judy, I have to admit I find it frustrating that people don’t want to buy them. I love them. I will have to give this some thought.

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