Silent Sunday: Revisiting Images of the Mallee

This is a place that has been a big part of my photographic journey. Recently I was going through some of my older folders to find an image. I came across these.

They were all done in 2011 and processed from jpegs. I wasn’t shooting in RAW back then. It is a great thing to go back and see what you were doing.

Here are a few of my favourites from those trips to the Mallee. Enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. Such a nice series, Leanne, and the one in the barn with the rake and the light through those doors really appeals to me

    1. Thank you Laurie, that image has been very popular over the years. I’ve gone back and tried to recreate it, but it is never the same as that one.

  2. There is a freshness about these images. Sometimes early work is somehow less encumbered. Sad to hear about your magazine. What happened?

    1. Thank you Helen. It was sad, we just couldn’t get anyone to buy it, well not many, so it was pointless putting all the work into it.

  3. Lots of ‘feel’ in these images. Good to go back every now and again to look at our pix and see if there are any changes in style or the way in which a scene is perceived and to question if taking that shot today would I do it the same, process it the same, seek the same result. Could I do it today better, different? A good way to learn and become a better image interpreter. Thanks Leanne

    1. Thank you Roger.I think it is a great idea. I did think of redoing some of these to see, but they were jpegs, and I would prefer to work with RAW images now, but there are others I could do.

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