Silent Sunday, those silos in colour

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  1. Wonderful art Leanne .. that would be a big job on the cherry picker!

  2. Gorgeous shot. Very powerful.

  3. Are those paintings or some kind of wrapper? It’s a great shot, but I’m curious about the process.

    • They are paintings Marilyn, they use massive cherry pickers to do the work and spray guns, I think, or maybe rollers. Quite amazing to be able to get that kind of detail when you are up that close to them.

  4. You make him wear a hat 🙂
    Very impressive silos.. every shot you show us is spectacular!

  5. I can feel the flannel in that shirt. Quite a vivid shot, Leanne.

  6. Totally amazing Leanne.

  7. Chris Kirby

    Wonderful shots, the sky really illuminates them!

  8. Chilling and beautiful. I love the magic of a weathered industrial landscape providing such exquisite texture on a human face.

  9. David Mayne

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