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Some decisions have been made recently and one of them is to do my posts on two blogs. This one and the main one I’ve always used. I would like this one to become my main blog, and in time I hope everyone will find their way here.

Some other changes are going to happen as well. I plan on cutting down on how often I blog. I think I will go to four times a week, and see how that goes. I need to find some time to do some other things, which I am excited about. My posts on Friday are going to combine my Bits and Bobs post as well as looking at images I have put up on Social Media.

Social Media

Social Media seems to be a very important aspect for any photographer these days. With that in mind I’ve been trying to use it a lot more and putting more photos on certain platforms. I have been building up Instagram and trying to put one or two photos up there each day. It has been good going through all my older images and seeing what I can put up. I have also worked on some new images. I really like how my Instagram account is looking. I hope you enjoy the new and old photos.

Dynamic Range Magazine

There have been some people who have asked that I show some images of what the inside of the magazine looks like. Here are four samples of pages that can be found in the latest edition. If you haven’t got your copy yet then here is the link.

Dynamic Range Magazine.

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  1. Good business practice is all about refining what you do and making improvements. I don’t know how you have managed to post daily for so long. It is so time consuming. Good luck. I think you will do very well.

    1. I am starting to understand that, time is getting quite tight these days, so I do have to make time elsewhere. It was good and it made me blog, but yes, it can be exhausting at times. Thank you.

  2. So, I can get in the habit of coming and commenting here …

    I’ve like this site with its highly-polished, professional presentation. It does bring every facet of your work together. Much success as you migrate your focus, our readership here.

    1. Thank you David, I appreciate you doing this. This is a better place for me I think.
      Yes, it does, I’m all here. I do need to do some updating, but I do like it.

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