Sunrise from Eureka Skydeck

One of the main reasons I became a member of the Eureka Skydeck, besides being able to go whenever I wanted, was to get invitations to special events, like getting there for sunrise. They do them every now and then. An invitation was issued last week for yesterday morning.

I did one late last year and it wasn’t good. The sunrise was very disappointing, actually there really wasn’t one. Happy to say that this year it was a lot better.


The Sunrise

Beautiful colours, and it seemed to keep going on. It was a great morning. There were great photos to be had all around the different sides. It is always good to look at where the sun is coming up, but also look in other directions, as you can get some great colours all around.

Also, look at the glass as some of it is tinted and it can ruin the colours of the sunrise, while others enhance it. Doesn’t hurt to try lots of different ones to see what works or doesn’t.


Shooting Through Glass

One of the biggest problems with shooting up there are the reflections on the glass. There are a couple of ways to help diminish them.

  1. You can use a dark jacket or dark fabric to put up over the camera to close to the glass that will help stop the reflections.
  2. You can get a product called a Lenskirt that really helps. With it you can create a cocoon around the camera and means you can take photos with no reflections. You can get them from B&H. If you have a large camera get the XL one, the mistake I made was getting the smaller one. It works, but it isn’t great when you are trying to do weird angles.

The product is called Lenskirt and you can see what they look like here.



Membership to Eureka Skydeck is $60 a year. You only have to go 3 times to get your moneys worth. It is really good and then you get to go to special events like this. If you would like to look into it, click here.

Here are the above photos and a few extra.




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  1. More winners from you, Leanne. Absolutely love the first image, but all are special. Reminds me of the time we were there together mid day. I realise the views from Eureka are incredible, but the best images are no doubt sunrise and sunset. Thanks for showing these.

    1. Thank you Don. Oh yes, it was a great morning up there, but yes, I think you are right, sunrise and sunset are the best. Sunrise perhaps more special because it doesn’t happen often that you can photograph it up there.

    1. Yes, you can Craig. Your friends get a 20% discount. You also get vouchers every year and one of them is to take a friend for free.

  2. Yesterday was a sensational sunrise Leanne. How lucky were you? I was out just before 7 am and thought to myself how beautiful the sunrise was. Lots of colour in the sky. What a great morning to be at Eureka. Mind you, if I was a member I would have been kicking myself because I had an early morning work meeting and would not have been able to make it to Eureka for the sunrise.

    I went up there in January to try out my Lenskirt for the first time. I timed it for the only evening that the MCG had a cricket match under lights during the Australian Open, so that the tennis courts and the ‘G were lit up. Like you I also bought the small version of the Lenskirt and while it is terrific I had the difficulties with weird angles too. I managed to get the edge of the Lenskirt into my pictures when shooting at extreme angles to the glass. I use a crop sensor DSLR and I also wish that I had bought the larger version.

    One thing that I found useful was to also take a Panasonic m43 camera along so that I had a smaller lens to stick through the mesh of the outdoor balcony. On a previous visit I had found my DSLR lenses to be too large to fit.

    1. I was very lucky, almost couldn’t believe my luck. I can understand, why you would have been upset. I do love being a member.

      I wish they gave you more direction with the lenskirt so you would know which one you really needed. I am getting the bigger one, don’t want to miss anything because of it. The smaller one also ruined quite a few of my images too. I need to get more practice too so I don’t mess it up next time.
      I hate that mesh outside, so annoying, it would be a great place to take photos otherwise. I like your idea, I don’t have a camera like that. Thank you Nils.

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