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This week has seen some changes with how things are done here on the blog. I do hope you have liked what I’ve started doing. I do feel I neglected it for too long, so nice to be getting back into it.

Once again here are the photos that I have had up on Instagram this week. A bit of a variety, then again, I think there usually is. I usually put photography tips with each image and if you want to read those, then you might have to take a look at my Instagram account, or my Facebook page.

Here is a gallery with those images.

It is hard to know what to talk about this week. It has been busy but mainly because I am trying to get some writing done. I think this is going to be a short post.

The magazine

We are well and truly in the final stages for the next issue of Dynamic Range. We have another broad selection of articles for you. We are also so happy that Kathleen Clemons has let me interview her and we will be looking at some of her images. I’m sure those of you who get it will really enjoy it.

It will be the last issue of the magazine for those that subscribed at the beginning of the year.

Deaf Children Australia

I haven’t been there much in the last couple of years, but yesterday I went there to take photos as they celebrated their 150th anniversary of the blue stone building. I was looking at the building and thinking about how my work has changed since I was last there to photograph it, so I ask someone there if I would be able to go back. He just handed me his card. I think that meant yes. I will have to organise it now.

I will have to find some photos so we can see what I was doing and then we will have something to compare when I go back. Photos today are from 3 years ago.


I just want to talk about this briefly again, to help people understand what it is.

It really is about a discussion, a guide, a way of me to help you work out what your style is, or what direction you would like to go in. It is about me looking at your work, guiding you and helping you, but the thing that happens the most is the conversation, lots of that.

Other News

There isn’t really any. It has been good to see that people are enjoying the return of the Up for Discussion (U4D) posts. I have to start working out what to write about next week.

I think that is about it, sorry, as I said, I’m busy with writing, plus Tiddles, our cat, isn’t well, and we are a bit worried about him. He is staying at the vets tonight has they try to help him.