The blog and this weeks Instagram photos

This week has seen some changes with how things are done here on the blog. I do hope you have liked what I’ve started doing. I do feel I neglected it for too long, so nice to be getting back into it.

Once again here are the photos that I have had up on Instagram this week. A bit of a variety, then again, I think there usually is. I usually put photography tips with each image and if you want to read those, then you might have to take a look at my Instagram account, or my Facebook page.

Here is a gallery with those images.

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  1. A great set of images Leanne. I was reading one of your other posts about ‘sponsorship’ and am surprised Nikon Australia has not picked up on the quality of not just your pictures but also your blog posts. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Paul. I do work with Nikon, but haven’t managed to get sponsored by them. I can borrow gear for short periods which is nice, but I sometimes think that my work is too different. They don’t get it, I’m not commercial perhaps. I don’t know really. I will certainly do that.

  2. That first image is a stunner! Wow.. looks incredible with the nice (= not too much, but enough) saturation and the use of a vignet.. great quality Leanne 🙂

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