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It has been my intention the last few weeks to do a comprehensive look at Instagram, but it is such a big topic and then I don’t find the time to write it. So I thought perhaps we could compromise and I could do a series of posts on it instead. So today I thought we could take a look at it

My profile page.

more generally. Perhaps why I love it and then I can work on some other posts about it. Look at the advantages and disadvantages. Anyway we will see how we go.
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From time to time I get asked how much will I sell an image for. People who like my photos often want to buy one for their walls, but when I give them the price, there is obvious shock and I never hear from them again. The main problem seems to be that they think I should sell them for far less, but they don’t take into consideration all that has gone into the creation of it. For today’s Up for Discussion post we are looking at How much is the image worth.
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