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For those of you who have been following me for some time know that I love editing photos. I’ve never been one to think that the image I get in my camera is anywhere near the final image. I never quite know what will happen when I start editing,

This is a beginning of something I am going to try doing here and on other platforms. I am going to develop a workshop on editing for people. I’ve mentioned it to you before, but now I am going to start doing some posts, giving tips and advice. I’m still working on the logistics of it and it is an idea that is developing. I hope you will come along with me.

Another thing is reviewing and sharing information. Now that I am a self hosted blog I can do this without WordPress caring or threatening to close me down.  Here is my first one, not a review, but something that could be good.

On1 Software Announcement

On1 is a software editing alternative to the usual ones, and they are developing some software to process RAW images. It is called On1 Photo Raw. It is still in the development stage, but they are asking for people to make suggestions on what they would like to see it do. It is a great opportunity for all of us to let them know what is important to us and what we would like to see.

Here is the link for you.




See what you think.  I’m going to be trying out the software and will be posting photos that I have done using it.  I’m hoping to give a lot more reviews on editing tools and anything else that is relevant in editing photos.

An image that has had quite a bit done to it.

Making News

This section is going to be used to make announcements about things that I am doing and what I am planning on doing.