A look at some new artists

Today I thought we could have a look at a few videos of new artists to me. YouTube is great for finding new photographers and artists.

A look at some new artists

I have found videos on two artists that I didn’t know about before, with a third that I have seen in the past. They all work very differently to one another but are all fascinating to watch. I enjoyed watching them and I hope you do as well.

David Yarrow – first new artist

The first video is about David Yarrow. He does a lot of wildlife photography in Africa. He doesn’t really shoot the way I thought they would. Watch and see what I mean.

Martin Hartley – 2nd artist

The second video I found after watching the first. They were both on the same YouTube account. Though, that is about where the similarities end. Martin’s video is about his time in the Arctic and the problems he had to overcome while shooting there.

Clyde Butcher – the third

Not really a new photographer for me, but not one I follow a lot. His work is beautiful, however. I found this video and thought that you might like to see it. Many of the things he says about where and how he photographs really resonate with me. It almost feels like I’m saying some of it.

I hope you have have enjoyed looking at some new artists to me. My hands are a bit empty this week as my camera went in to be cleaned and sorted this week. Not sure when I will get it back. Perhaps it is time to blow off the cobwebs from the D800. I wonder if I still remember how to use it.


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  1. Great videos. I particularly enjoyed the first two. I LOVED David Yarrow’s work. You really connect with the animals and I had to laugh at the comments about the damaged cameras! Martin Hartley’s work was fascinating as well. It was interesting hearing about the impact of the extreme cold on the gear! Thanks for sharing these Leanne!

    1. I knew you would love David Yarrow’s work. It is amazing. Oh yes, I laughed about that as well. You’re welcome Chris, good to hear you enjoyed them.

  2. Thanks for your discovery.

    David Yarrow is right about when taking any kind of animal portrait – you have to be at their eye level. I learned that taking photos of my daughters’ horses. Same thing when shooting our housecats and the barn cats, especially the barn cats. They see life like their big cat relatives.

    Then, Martin Hartley on Arctic shoots … most of us wouldn’t get out in that kind of weather. It’s also an unforgiving environment. I hope he got a refund on his outerwear with the wicking material sewed in the wrong way. 🙂

    1. Good to hear you liked them David.

      Yes, I can see how that would help. Can take a lot of guts for some of it.

      Oh Martin in the Arctic, very challenging. I have no idea, it was interesting watching him trying to get it on.

  3. These videos are wonderful, Leanne. I had to chuckle at both Hartley and Yarrow proclaiming their love of bad weather and, as Yarrow says, ‘impending doom’ in the sky. Yes, these are your kind of photographers! 😀 These were all so fascinating for very different reasons, but most enjoyable.

    1. Oh yes, I laughed about the bad weather as well, made me feel better. They really are my kind. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them Lois. I like that.

  4. Leanne, Clyde Butcher is one of my favorite photographers. He lives about 3hrs from me. Several times a year he has an open house at his studio/darkroom. I was able to meet him and see his darkroom. It was awesome! Just after he did the Spain photos he suffered a stroke. I was able to see him again this spring. He is recovering well. He still has some mobility issues but he has been able to get out and take some photos. He is using a digital camera rather than his 8X10 film camera.

    1. That is great that you have got to meet him. I’m envious. I love his philosophy of photographing what you know, brilliant. Sorry to hear about the stroke, but good to hear it hasn’t stopped him.

  5. Awesome very interesting all three of three. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh wow Leanne. I enjoyed the three videos but I have to say the first one was my favorite. Thank you.

    1. I am really happy to hear that Carol. I loved the first one too, though I loved what Clyde had to say about photographing near where you live.

  7. Thank you Leanne. I have been following David Yarrow for some time now, just love his photos.

  8. Leanne, this is the first time I have ever spent more than a half hour on just one of your postings! These three videos were terrific, especially the first one with the African wildlife. Those are the best photos of African elephants I have ever seen! I still can’t believe how he could get so close to the animals for his photos!

    1. That is good to hear, I loved those videos too. The wildlife ones were incredible. I loved the footage of the elephant kicking it. Yes, he must be very confident.

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