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Today we were up and out by 8 and headed down to the water to get ready to catch our boat for a cruise with World Heritage Cruises. We started in Macquarie Harbour, then to Sarah Island, up the Gordon River and then back to Hell’s Gate, or Macquarie Heads. The first thing we noticed, well once I had my large latte from the Coffee Shack, was that it was very foggy. I mean very.

We were supposed to start with going to Hell’s Gate, the lighthouses I showed you yesterday, they are also called Macquarie Heads, but as it was so foggy and would be hard to see, we went to Liberty Point first and took a look at the salmon and fish farms.


This is one of them and the fish are being fed. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I think I thought they would be different. They were really interesting. Some have nets, I think the ones being used, and then there were some without.

After here we traveled to Sarah Island. It was a convict settlement in the early 1800’s. Convicts who re-offended once they arrived were sent there, though Andrew, our tour guide there would probably have more information.


It is a small island, and once Port Arthur was built this stopped being used for convicts. If you want to know why then you will need to go and do the tour. Andrew was great and has a great way of getting everyone engaged in the story of the island.

We then set off for the Gordon River.


It was so stunning, even with the fog. It was so still and calm. Though the mist did make it very hard to take photos. I had to carry a cloth in my pocket so I could keep cleaning the end of my lens. I think I did an okay job with it. I don’t know if it was raining or the fog was very thick, but I suspect it was raining as well. Crazy day.

We did stop in one place, Heritage Landing. We were allowed off the boat to take photos and walk around the rainforest there. It is very different to the rainforests I’m used to. The Huon Pine tree is very big here and the forests seem to be more about them.


I just took lots of photos of the little things. I did wish I had taken my macro lens with me. Again we were given a presentation on the Huon Pine and why it was special.

We then headed to Hell’s Gate.


It was great to get up close to the lighthouses. We went out to sea a little, but not too far. We all stayed on deck, which was fun.

Though heading here I had a little accident. I am fine, the D750 is fine, and well the 28-300mm is fine, but it seems the lens really had an issue with the lens cap, and, well, today while I was walking out onto the deck of the boat, it rejected the cap and it went flying across the deck and into the water. I tried to recover it, but the water is really too cold for that kind of rescue. Oh dear, I hope NIkon won’t be too upset.

I have been using their camera, the D750 from Nikon Australia exclusively for this whole trip, which has been wonderful. It is nice to try new things, or try them again. I used this camera when I went to the US last year. I still have the 28-300mm lens, which will be returned soon. Nearly all the photos from the last few days were taken with that lens. Some from Queenstown were taken with the 14-24mm around the mines.

The tour was great, it lasted for six hours and a wonderful lunch was included. The staff were friendly and helpful. There was so much information given and I do feel like I have a better understanding of the area now. I would highly recommend a tour with World Heritage Tours if you come to Strahan.

I have more photos now, which I will put into a gallery for you.  We are headed to Hobart tomorrow, it will be very sad to leave here and I really look forward to getting back to the west coast on another visit.


We listened to the sound of rain all night and as we woke up this morning. We decided that there wasn’t much point getting up early to take photos and almost decided that today would be a rest day. Then we thought, let’s go and get some coffee, but the rain stopped, so we headed out. We had a quick stop at the Coffee Shack here in Strahan to get a coffee and got some great tips from the lady that works there. Oh yeah, the coffee was good, and we will be going back tomorrow morning.

We ended up getting about 4 hours to take photos, which was good, we had missed lunch and when we started thinking about food the sky started getting darker and darker. We stopped to get some lunch and the rain started and hasn’t stopped.

We did wake up to the news that Tasmania was flooding and it took us a while before we found out that we were okay. Hopefully it won’t effect us too much.

We took photos all around the harbour here in Strahan and also went for a drive to Macquarie Heads, then to the beach. I will put explanations on the photos for you.

I will leave it there, I hope you enjoy the photos.