Silent Sunday – Boat cruise on the Gordon River

Silent Sunday - Boat cruise on the Gordon River

For Silent Sunday I thought we could look back on the photos I took when I did a boat cruise on the Gordon River in Tasmania.

Silent Sunday – Boat cruise on the Gordon River

When I did my first trip to Tasmania in 2016 we experienced some really crappy weather. There had been floods all along the east coast of Australia and those floods arrived in Tasmania as we did. We were lucky that we were on the west coast, so while we got rain, but didn’t get flooded. However, that did mean that any excursions we did would be done with rain.

We had booked in to do a river cruise on the Gordon River the day before, but when we saw the forecast we changed it to the following day. As it turned out that was a massive mistake. The day we were meant to go had cleared for a few hours, whereas the day we did the cruise was misty and wet all day.

Lesson learned, just do the trips on the days you booked them on. Sometimes crappy weather is good and you will get something different. Those of you that follow me know that I don’t mind bad weather. If often gives you the opportunity to get images that others don’t.

We saw so many things and all under a cloud of fog and rain. Thankfully the rain wasn’t too heavy so we could still take photos. I don’t mind the rain, as long as it doesn’t stop me from taking photos.

Gallery of the boat cruise on the Gorden River

Here are the photos from the day. You can see it was misty and overcast. The sun didn’t shine at all I don’t think. Still, it was a great day and I really enjoyed it. I hope you like these images for Silent Sunday.

Have a great Sunday.

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  1. What I like about fog and mist is that it creates a sense of mystery … that you don’t know what’s around the bend. πŸ™‚

  2. I think the images are beautiful…and am glad it was a gray, misty, and cloudy day for you…you wouldn’t have been able to capture these photographs with a bright and shiny day. πŸ™‚

  3. Leanne you should be used to changeable weather after all you do live in Melbourne πŸ˜†!!
    We did the same trip 3 years ago in the middle of November, it tipped down too but had some bright clear periods, weren’t lucky enough to have that could get an idea of what it was like to be a prisoner on Sarah Island, a brutal place and existence.
    Next time we will do the train ride from Queenstown which is also wonderful whatever the weather!
    Enjoying your photographs! Cheers ..Glen

    1. Yes, that is very true, Melbourne is definitely like that. I just hate it when I go away. Spend so much money just to get bad weather, lol
      The mist was nice, we felt very alone. Sarah Island looked horrible, I don’t think I would like to be stuck there.
      Yeah, we looked at the train and maybe one day I will do it. Thank you Glen, good to hear.

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