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Tales by Light

Recently on Netflix I saw a program that I think all photographers should see. The show is called Tales by Light, and is an Australian production, though the photographers are from all around the world. The show follows their adventures as they travel the world to get the photos they want. This is their motto.

Behind every powerful image is a powerful story

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It has all come together and in a relatively relaxed manner. It almost seems like we know what we are doing. I am sure Suzzanna, who does the layout and makes sure everything gets done wouldn’t agree, but by far it has been the best to do for me.

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This is our fourth issue and this rounds up the first year of Dynamic Range Magazine. It has been quite a year.  I hope those of you who have purchased the magazine have enjoyed it immensely.  It has been quite a trip, but I can’t talk too much about that, or I will be giving away my editorial.  Let’s take another look at the cover.

Cover - Issue 4

This image for this issue is by Christine Danger, many of you know her from Monochrome Madness and her blog sv-takeiteasy. Chris has also written an article on underwater photography, so the cover image is one of those. A clam that she took photos of. It is amazing.

Of course there are lots of great images and I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Hillary Younger and do a feature on her work. She is an incredible landscape photographer and has some great tips for others who also want to do that type of photography.

Melissa Jones is becoming our marketing guru and has got some great ideas for how you can do better on Instagram. It is a very popular platform right now on and thanks to her I have improved my site a lot.

Emily Carter Mitchell has given a great article on the wildlife that you will come across if you go to Costa Rica.

We have a new writer this issue, Anne Sandler, from the blog Slow Shutter Speed. She has given her insights into what it is like coming to photography later in life.

Loré Dombaj has more great women photographers to introduce to us in her series on the History of Women in Photography.

I’ve written two for this one. I finally got around to writing about Architectural Photography and the different forms of it. I hope to do more in the future about it as well. I have also done the second part to the one on Lightroom, this one is about the pros and cons of using Photoshop.

Finally, Christine Wilson has given some insight into how she processed one of her black and white images in Post Processing Possibilities.

I have already received some feedback and was told:

just read DRM cover to cover …. another excellent issue!!!

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