Underwater Photographer Matty Smith

This is another photographer that we have looked at before, but on the old blog. I was very silly and deleted a lot of those posts, so now I have to do them again. Today we are going to look at the amazing work of underwater photographer Matty Smith. 

Who is Matty Smith?

Matty Smith is an Australian photography and has world wide recognition. We could go into everything about him, but I’m going to cut and paste something from his About page.

“Matty Smith has exhibited his award winning images in over 70 countries across 5 continents around the world including the London Natural History Museum in  the UK and the Australian Museum right here in Sydney. He has spoken publically about his style and approach and had his work recognised and admired by Sir David Attenborough and HRH Kate Middleton.”

There is a lot more information him on that page, which you can find by clicking here.

He often speaks at photography events about his work and how he does it as well.

Why I like his work

Perhaps the most important reason is because I know it is something I could never do. Water is one of those things that scares me a bit, and then being under the water around sharks and crocodiles, yeah, maybe not. That does not mean that there isn’t a fascination with what is under there.

The way he portrays ocean life is something that not a lot of photographers seem to be doing. The gear is quite expensive, so it is out of reach for many people. The half and half images require a special domed camera housing that is very expensive. With it you can get images that almost make the worlds seem part of one another. They are, of course, but we often separate the world into what is above the water and what is below. Land and ocean.

The images have clarity and you can really see what is there. That is not easy to get and I have no idea how much work in post he does. Though, I did ask him about it once and he said he prefers to get everything in camera and do little editing after.

The little glimpses of what is underwater is inspiring. There are so many colourful and unique creatures down there. It is a wonderful way to show us some insight into the world below.

Where to find Matty Smith

He has a website where you can find out more about him, click here.

You can also find him on Facebook by clicking here.

Let me know what you think of Matty Smith’s photos.


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  1. There is an other-worldly quality to these photos that is simply astounding. It is hard to grasp the technical difficulty of getting shots like these and the creativity is awe-inspiring. I am just not sure that I would be able to concentrate on artistry when I would more worried about basic things like breathing.

    1. I have to agree Mike. I don’t know how he does it either, quite amazing. I couldn’t do it Mike, I am not that confident in ocean water. I am happy you liked them Mike. I hope you are well.

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