Taking a look back on Australian Photography

It is often the case with these posts that I don’t know what I will show you until I am watching YouTube and today I am taking a look back on Australian Photography.

While I was looking around I found some videos that take a look at some of Australia’s iconic images. Ones that many Australians know and recognise.

Iconic Australian Photography

In the first video, we are introduced to a bit of history around photography here. It was quite interesting and they have some great stats on what has been taken here.

The story behind the photograph

There are a few iconic images and they aren’t always what we think they are. Some myths are broken in this one as we look at two images and the stories behind them.

Max Dupain’s ‘The Sunbaker’

We saw this already, ‘The Sunbaker’ by Max Dupain is perhaps the most iconic of them all. It has been used to represent everything that is Australia. The video does talk about this image, but it also looks at how it has been interpreted by others as well.


Sometimes we forget the power of the image and for those growing up in the late ’70s would know about Peter Dombrovskis. Maybe not his name, but definitely one of his images. It was the image that made many realise what they were going to lose if the Franklin Dam was allowed.

This video also looks at the Olegas Truchanas. Along with him and Dombrovskis, it is said they were two of Australia’s best landscape photographers.

It is a long one, but worth watching. You will also see some incredible landscapes from Tasmania.

Taking a look back on Australian Photography

Taking a look back on Australian Photography

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