An Interview with Nikon

When I went to the US last year I was loaned some gear from Nikon Australia and part of the deal was that I would allow them to interview me when I returned. The interview was published this month and if you have an iPad or iPhone you can access it via iTunes, but if you are one of the many 80% of people who don’t have those and instead have android, I thought I would give you a link to the interview of me.

You can click on my name here LeanneCole or the image below to get access to the interview.


It is interesting reading it now, as the interview was done very soon after my return. It is almost like a nice reminder of it and how I felt when I got back.

Though I have to say that it isn’t edited very well and I had nothing to do with that. The interview was done on the phone. There are links to things in it and unforunately you can’t click on those.

I only have android so I haven’t been able to see the magazine it was in, or click on the links, which is a shame.  Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Congrats on the interview, Leanne. Ironically, I know the people who would’ve conducted, edited and then produced your interview. They are not particularly good 😛

    1. Thank you, it is interesting, I thought the editing could have been better. Oh well, it makes me feel so much better about Dynamic Range, we are very fussy about that. 😀

  2. Love Yosemite too. If you ever do go back take the back road and perhaps even head up to Tahoe.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, we did that road Becky, though we came from Tahoe and then down to Bodie, Mono Lake and into Yosemite. So many mountains. You’re welcome and thank you.

    2. Oh how fabulous. very envious as not been to Tahoe for a couple of years now, there again been 12 since I was in Australia. Clearly need to get travelling!

    3. It was Becky, it was so incredible, a landscape we don’t have here. YOu do, you need to come down here and say hello.

  3. Leanne, such a terrific interview, you rock. Currently I am shooting with a Nikon D7000, but like to upgrade, so I have to do research what would be the next step, a higher ISO ( I have 6400 right now) would be defenitly great, yet weight of the camera is an issues for my hands.

    1. Thank you Cornelia. Yes, the question of weight is one many people have, my camera is heavy, but I have to admit that I am quite used to it now. Good luck with choosing.

  4. Wow! You’ve spent 3 years studying composition! No wonder then that your photos look so awesome! I also liked your idea of going on a scouting trip and then going again to get what you really want! Stunning images and good insight! I’ve also always loved your editing and after reading your article, I realised that I don’t love opening the images in Photoshop as much as actually photographing them! I will have to spend more time learning editing and building up my comfort level for my photos to look better. Thanks for this wonderful tip, I really loved reading your interview!

    1. Yes, I did, I have a fine arts degree and that is pretty much what you spend a lot of time on. Yeah, I love photoshop, I love the opportunity to try something new or take an image somewhere completely different. You’re welcome, and I’m really pleased you enjoyed it, thank you.

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